Monday, August 3, 2009


o541. "Nobody has the power to make things perfect.
But everyone is given countless chances to make things right."

o542. In LIFE, don't think about the pain we went through,
But the LESSON it taught.
Not how much we HURT and CRIED,
But how much we're BLESSED and LOVED by God.

o543. "Ang mabibigat ay gumagaan kapag binibitiwan."
Makes sense?
Learn to let go when you're hurting too much.

o544. "It's the physical appearance that makes us attracted to someone..
But it is what's inside that makes us stay.."

o545. SCENARIO: boy and girl with their friends in the canteen.
BOY: Sige, guys. Mauna na ko.
(Sabay grab sa hand ng girl, hinila rin patayo)
GIRL: Why?
BOY: (pointing at the sign board that says:
"Do not leave your valuables unattended")
-- Simple yet so sweet.

o546. Great friends are part of memories time can never erase..
When life is blessed with friends like you..
There will always be sweet memories to look back on..

o547. The best thing you can do for someone is to just exists
-- To be there when they suddenly realize that they need you right then.

o548. At times, it's hard to determine whether you really have a feeling for someone,
Or you are just carried away by the good things he/she does,
In other words,
You can never say if you are returning the love,
Or just returning the favor..

o549. One million memories,
One hundred thousand inside jokes,
Ten thousand great times,
One hundred secrets,
Just for one reason: FRIENDSHIP.

o550. Ang kiss..
Ay masarap na katulad ng spaghetti kung pababa ng pababa..

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