Tuesday, September 22, 2009


o751. Little instruction:
-- You may find your partner boring so you tend to look for someone else,
Someone new, someone better.
Then you got a new partner and you've realized that the old partner you thought was boring
Was the best you ever had.
What's the instruction?
"Love the imperfections."

o752. In life, there are four things you can't get back
The stone after you the throw,
The word after it's said,
The action after it's done,
And the time after it has passed.
So be careful of what you throw, speak, do and what you let pass by.

o753. Sa buhay ko, daming dumaan.
Problema, pagsubok, kawalan.
Pero nung dumaan ka,
Natawa ako kasi ang pabango mo, "VICKS"
Hanep, nawala ang hilo ko.

o754. Hey, guys!
I'm flying off to the US on Saturday.
I'll be there for quite awhile or if God's good to me, maybe I'll be staying there permanently.
I'm very sorry if I didn't tell you earlier.
I said to myself not to tell anyone until before I leave.
Thanks for the friendship,
I hope to see you again and I'll certainly miss you all.
--Farewell text ni Inday sa mga ibang katulong bago mag-DH

o755. "If you love what you're doing,
You'll never get bored."
Same with,
"If you love that someone,
You'll never get tired."

o756. A very inspiring quote:
"Wag pilitin ang ayaw,
Baka pumayag."

o757. The sad part of life,
I gave up everything but they never loved me back.
They just cared.

o758. Understanding is deeper than knowledge.
There are many people who knows you,
But few of them really understands you.
Would you agree?
I do.

o759. Sabi ni BOB ONG:
"Bakit ka magpaparamdam sa taong hindi marunong makiramdam?
Wag kang magpakatanga sa taong hindi marunong magpahalaga.
Matuto kang sumuko at mang-iwan kung lagi ka rin namang nasasaktan.
Imber na magtanong ng 'Hindi pa ba sapat?'
Bakit hindi nalang kalimutan ang lahat?
Kung alam mong binabalewala ka na,
Tanggapin mong nagsasawa na siya.
Wag kang magpapadala sa salitang SORRY at AYOKONG mawala ka..
Kung totoo yun, patutunayan nila."
Tama, diba?

o760. BOY: Ang manok, baboy, gulay at prutas.
GIRL: Hmp! Alam ko na yan nagmamahalan na,tayo nalang ang hindi pa.
BOY: Hindi, lahat yun natikman ko na, ikaw nalang ang hindi.


o741. Bobo nanliligaw,
"Hindi naman totoo yung sinasabi nila na bobo ako..
May laman din naman ang utak ko..
At ikaw lang ang laman nito.."

o742. If you have a chance to take the moment that you know will be memorable,
Grab it.
Always think that the word NEXT TIME is always too far.
Every moment counts.

o743. May kandila ka ba dyan?
Ipantitirik ko lang sana sa puso kong patay na patay sa'yo..
Ayun ang hirit, o!

o744. LOLA: Apo, sabihin mo sa lolo, pahilot si lola at antok na antok na.
APO: Yoyo, paiyot yoya, antot na antot na.
LOLO: Sabihin mo, wala ako sa mood. Tulog na.
APO: Yoya, waya tamod yoyo. Tuyot na..

o745. ANAK: Tay, urine test ko raw bukas.
ITAY: O, anong problema?
ANAK: Anong gagawin ko?
ITAY: Tanga ka ba? Eh, di magreview ka.

o746. Two rabbits looking at the moon:
R1: How far is the moon from here?
R2: It's very, very far, you can't measure the distance.
R1: Wow, really?
R2: Yes, really.
R2: Why do you ask?
R1: Nothing, I love you.
R2: I know.
R1: I love you from here to the moon.
R2: I love you more.
R1: You can't love me more. From here to the moon is countless.
R2: Yes, I can. Because I love from here to the moon and then back.
--Sobrang cheesy.

o747. Everything that God allows to come our way is with a purpose.
He uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into a person of worth and value.
I would not dare question God why I suffer pain and anguish
Because I never question Him when I am fortunate and I feel happiness in my success.
Blessings do come as a surprise
And how much we receive depends on how much our hearts can believe.

o748. A nerd ask his hot and sexy classmate to have sex with him.
NERD: Sex tayo! Bayaran kita one thousand, bibilisan ko.
Tatapon ko yung one thousand sa sahig.
Tuwad ka habang pinupulot mo.
Pagtayo mo, tapos na ko isex ka.
SEXY: Tawagan ko muna BF ko kung payag siya.
(Tinawagan nya.)
BF: Sige, payag ako. Bilisan mo lang pagtuwad para walang mangyari.
(After 10minutes, BF calls.)
BF: Nakuha mo na pera?
SEXY: Aaah.. Aaahha.. Aah, hindi pa, eh. Ah. Ah!
BF: Eh, bakit?
SEXY: Tigpipiso, eh.

o749. "It is wiser not to expect,
But to hope.
For in expecting, we meet disappointments,
Whereas in hoping,
We invite surprises."

o750. "I guess, one thing I've learned in life is to never invest too much emotion on one thing.
'Coz if you do,
You would end up hurting yourself."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


o731. You will always see what's wrong when you are right.
But you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong.

o732. Everyone has a dream.
Mine is to wake up to the sound of small rocks being thrown at my bedroom window
And see the person I love standing in the rain asking me for another chance.
Joke lang!
Ang dream ko lang talaga ay magkapera,
Maraming-maraming pera,
Na pwede kong gawing scratch paper.

o733. "It's hard to open your eyes if your dreams are too sweet.
But sometimes, it's a must to wake up because it's the only reasonable way to see reality."

o734. Dalawang adik.
Adik1: Kanina pa nakadapo yang lamok, bakit di mo patayin?
Adik2: Hinihintay kong mabusog para pag hahabulin ko siya,
Magkakaappendicitis siya.

o735. There are times that you don't know what to do
Or where to place yourself.
That's why sometimes in life,
You have no option but to keep quiet.

o736. I'm not looking for someone who has everything.
I don't want someone with money to buy me anything.
But I need someone who has time to spent with me more than anything.

If you want to grow, COMMIT.
Outside commitment, there is no growth.

o738. Quoted from a political science professor:
Take for example the statement,
"I love you forever".
This is false, for forever is not empirically quantifiable.
The appropriate statement is,
"I love you today. Ask me again tomorrow if I still do."

o739. "Never ignore a person who loves you and misses you.
Because one day you may wake up from your sleep
And realize that you've lost the moon while counting the stars."

o740. The most selfish line that I heard but the sweetest thing that everyone loves to hear from their loved ones,
"Akin ka lang, ha?"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


o721. Some say they like your personality;
Others say your character;
A few say your style;
But me..
I like you just the way you are.
Someone not perfect but real..

o722. God gave the silence of the night for us to give rest and to be prepared for another tomorrow.
So, sleep well and feel God's embrace as you sleep tonight.

o723. It is not true that beer makes you fat.
It actually makes you lean..
Lean on walls, lean on doors and lean on to the person you like..

o724. A real friend is someone who tries to pick you up when you've fallen;
And if they can't pick you up,
They lay down right beside you..

o725. I tried to be the sweetest girl for him..
Unfortunately, diabetic pala siya..
Kaya ayun, naghahanap ata ng WALANG LASA..

o726. "I want a director who can make a simple thing the big thing."
--Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

o727. Life is wonderful when you wake up in the morning with joy
Because the Holy Spirit is in your heart.
May the Great Father give you His abundant graces
And keep you always in good health.

o728. In love, who is the hardest to compete with?
Third party?
But the love before you..

o729. Why is it so hard to say you're wrong?
Because it often involves saying,
"I'm sorry."
Which is even harder.
Throughout history,
People have found it easier to stop speaking to one another,
Punch, slander, shoot and bomb
Rather than apologize.

o730. "I would rather die a meaningful death,
Than to live a meaningless life."
--Corazon Aquino