Tuesday, August 11, 2009


o601. 3am..
LASING kumatok: Pre, tulong! Patulak naman.. Ayaw umandar, eh.
PRE naawa: Sige, sandali lang..
Nagbihis si PRE at lumabas: Saan ka?
LASING: Dito sa swing..

o602. "There are people in this world who would try to hurt you,
But there are also people who would get hurt because you're hurt."

o603. ANAK: Nay! Ang galing ng teacher ko!
Tinuruan kami ng kagandahang asal.
NAY: Talaga, anak? Eh, di marunong ka nang gumalang?
ANAK: Natural! Parang tanga to.

o604. GURO: Kung may 100 ka at humingi ka ng 500 sa mama mo,
Magkano pera mo?
BOY: 100
GURO: Mali, di mo alam ang math mo!
BOY: Excuse me, di mo alam ugali ng mama ko!

o605. "The purpose of repeated experiences is to teach us the things we refused to learn."

o606. I walk and I see lovers.
I turn head and I see lovers.
I sit on the bench and beside me are lovers.
An old woman comes and asks me,
"You seemed to be contented sitting alone."
I answered,
"I know, at the right time, GOD will send that person to sit beside me forever."
She answered,
"Whatever, loser."
Buset na matanda..

o607. A morning smile will recharge you with tireless energy to go through the day.
Let God's providence be a reminder that He prepared the best for you today.

o608. Know what's the sweetest time of the day?
It's when you pray.
'Coz you're talking to the one who loves you the most.

o609. When you say you love someone.
Make sure your spelling is correct.
Because if you'll be going to browse a dictionary.
Luv. Lav. Lab. Lov.
Means nothing.

o610. "Crying doesn't indicate that you're weak.
Since birth,
It has always been a sign that you're alive."

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