Wednesday, August 5, 2009


o581. 90 people have SWINE FLU
And yet everywhere wants to wear a mask..
A million people have AIDS
And no one wants to wear a CONDOM..
Just a thought..

o582. May araw na masaya..
Mas masaya..
At pinakamasaya..
Pero walang araw na malungkot..
Mas masaya ka nga lang kahapon..
Kaya pakiramdam mo, malungkot ka ngayon..

o583. "Life they say is touch and go..
People will only be there for sometime,
But for those who find you special
Will always find ways to stay."

o584. If God pays you P1.00 for every kind word you speak,
And takes away P1.00 for every unkind word you say,
Would you be RICH or POOR?
Reflect on it.

o585. Let God be the brightest light to guide your way
And the sweetest voice to comfort your day.
May His grace, mercy, strength and protection be with you always.

o586. "It's really hard to hold on to the feelings that you always hold on to..
To treat someone as an ordinary person
Where in fact they're very special..
To move on,
On your own with an empty heart.
To smile even if deep inside you are in pain.
To let go of the person you wanted to be with forever.
To accept reality that you are never meant to be.
To give up everything even if you still wanted to try."

o587. May God give you relief for every stress,
A sweet song for every sigh,
An answer for every prayer
And peace for every troubled moment.

o588. Loving someone who doesn't love you
Is like watching a star you know you can never reach
But you just have to keep trying
Why not?
Stars can fall, right?

o589. Ang mga babae ay parang pulis,
Kahit hawak na nila lahat ng ebidensya sa mundo,
Gusto pa rin nilang marinig na aminin mo ang totoo.

o590. Young romance (kids while playing):
BOY: Paabot naman..
GIRL: Ng ano?
BOY: Ng kamay mo..
Holding hands tayo..

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