Friday, August 14, 2009


o631. "If people only knew that they wouldn't have a second chance,
They'll be extra careful with their actions.
So that nothing will be left broken."

o632. Loving someone is never an achievement..
It is a lifetime goal.

o633. Love makes you strong in front of the world
But weak in front of the one you love.

o634. A quote worth trying:
"No matter how bitter a tea gets,
Just one bite of sweet cookie changes everything."

o635. Throw your worries to the wind
And let them fly to God
In the end
It is He alone who guides the wind to breeze joy and love back to you.

o636. "You will not find someone worthy of your love in a field of gold
Nor in a sea of dreams
Nor in this world of fleeting appearances.
It is from the soul that embraces the heart where true love springs."

o637. Pretending to be friends with the one you love is like breathing underwater
You can't hold it too long
'Coz if you do,
You won't make it out alive.

o638. The leaves of trees just keep falling,
You can't always keep someone to stay with you forever.
Sometimes, you have to let go.
Yet, you have to remain standing,
Like trees do.

o639. "Don't watch the clock.
Just do what it does.
Keep going."

o640. "If you are happy,
Don't even bother to analyze why.
Just feel it while it lasts."

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