Thursday, May 28, 2009


o251. Things we must be thankful for:
1. Worries at the start of the day means you're still alive..
2. Headache at the end of the day means you can still work hard..
3. Clothes that don't fit means you have a good appetite..
4. The mess you clean after a party means you have friends around you..
5. Roof that needs fixing means you've got a house..
6. Taxes to pay means you're not unemployed..
7. Heartaches means you love selflessly..
8. Too many texts messages means you are remembered so much..
Be thankful for whatever you have!

o252. Never search your happiness in others,
It will just make you feel alone..
Rather, search it within yourself,
It will make you feel happy even if you are left alone.

o253. I like this nice thought:
Contentment is not always the fulfillment of what you want.
It's the realization of how blessed you are for what you already have.

o254. "I hate being away from him..
And I think about him constantly.."
-- Haley, One Tree Hill

o255. In the past,
Nobody had a watch but everyone had time..
Now, everybody has a watch but nobody has time..
Make time for softer needs in life
- to love, to share, to learn
And to have silent moments of bliss with the ones who truly matters to you.

o256. The world's happiest friends never have the same characters,
They just have the best understanding of their differences.

o257. Great friendship is about two main things:
First is to find out the similarities.
And second is to respect the differences.

o258. "Minsan kailangan mong makalimot..
Para minsan, ikaw naman ang maalala.."

o259. We don't choose the person we fall for,
It usually hits us like a bullet
We bleed..

o260. People may doubt what you say,
But they will always believe in what you sincerely do..
Remember, WELL DONE is much better than WELL SAID.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


o261. What is the secret of happiness?
I found the answer in my home.
The DOOR says BE OPEN,
The CALENDAR says LOVE EVERYBODY as if it is the LAST DAY,
And GOD who is found everywhere in my house says:

o262. Good things you've done will never be lost,
Your kind act takes root
And every bit of love you sow will come right back to you
For GOD knows you have a good heart.

o263. Most of the time,
They say that you are fortunate if there is someone beside you,
Holding your hand,
Kissing you,
Hugging and loving you,
But not all people in a relationship are happy.
Behind those displays of affection are pain and tears,
Blame and fears,
Coldness and pretentions,
Loneliness and confusions and depressions.
Singles are luckier.
They have only themselves to worry about.
Less expense, less stress, less mess.

o264. Are you a religious person?
Because I might be your answered prayer.
Yan ang napapanahong banat!

o265. BOY: Mahal kita noon, mas mahal kita ngayon.
Pwede bang tayo nalang ulit?
GIRL: Mahal kita noon,
Maglaway ka ngayon..

o266. Dalawang estudyante ang naiwan sa classroom..
G: Bakit ka nakatitig sa name plate ko?
B: Hinihintay ko kasing malipat yung apelyido ko dyan.
Yan ang banat!

o267. BOY1: Tol, panget ba ko?
BOY2: Panget nanay mo, panget tatay mo tas panget mga kapatid mo.
Ano ka, himala?!

o268. Hindi ka ba makatulog pag umiinom ka ng kape?
Baliktad pala tayo..
Ako naman, hindi makainom ng kape pag natutulog..

o269. When you miss a person
Practically, you can do nothing aside from thinking and worrying..
Don't be sad,
Neither be foolish.
Just wait until you see each other again.
And make another moment to be missed with.

o270. Kung ang ikaliligaya mo ay ang paglayo ko
'Wag kang mag-alala
Lalapit-lapitan kita..
'Wag ka lang sumaya..
Bait, no?


o231. A note on the bulletin board reads:
Don't feel personally, totally, irrevocably responsible for everything around you.
That's my job.
Signed: GOD

o232. Just because something feels good doesn't mean we should pursue it right now.
"The right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing."

o233. Maybe love is like the sun and the moon,
Maybe they are not meant for now but someday, they will."

o234. Kung naiirita ka na sa sales lady na ang laging tanong lang ay:
"Ano pong hanap nyo?"
Sagutin mo ng:
"Kapayapaan at pagkakaisa.."
Tiyak mawiwindang yun!

o235. "No one gets tired of loving,
But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting."

o236. According to Mike Murdock's Law of Recognition,
Everything you need is already in your life,
Merely waiting your recognition of it.
Anything unrecognized remains uncelebrated by you.
Anything you refuse to celebrate eventually exits your life
- a gift, a miracle or a person.
Don't miss that chance.
Look around.
Cherish people.

o237. "I guess, one thing I've learned in life is to never invest too much emotion on one thing
'Coz if you do,
You would end up hurting yourself."

o238. It's hard to answer the question, "What's wrong?"
When "everything" is the answer.

o239. You really have to stumble and fall a lot of times for us to appreciate the luscious taste of happiness.
It's a ratio of ten pains to ONE REAL SMILE.

o240. Sometimes, I have to give up on loving someone who doesn't love me back
Not because I start to feel I'm hopeless
But because I ran out of REASON to fight for what I really feel.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


o221. According to Greek mythology,
Humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces.
Fearing their power,
Zeus split them into separate parts,
Condemning them to spend their lives in search of other halves.
Have you found yours?

o222. When a person loves you
You should be thankful and in return show your love and care
Know why?
'Coz there are a lot of people willing to love that person even more
But then that person still chose to love you.

o223. "I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by misery
Than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it."

o224. I never regret loving the people I once loved.
What I regret is that I became the wrong one for those I thought
Who can stay with me for all my life.

o225. Paalala:
Kapag nagmahal ka, wag kang aasa kung ano yung nararamdaman ng puso mo
Tandaan mo na minsan ang paggamit ng utak ay mas nakabubuti.
Next, wag mong gagamitin ang mata mo para umiyak sa taong nanakit sayo.
Instead, gamitin mo ito para maghanap ng iba.
Lastly, wag kang matakot sa pakikipaghiwalay.
Take note, mahalin mo yung taong ipaglalaban ka at handang harapin lahat ng pagsubok na darating sa inyong relasyon.
Yung taong matatawag mong partner kesa lover.

o226. We may not be like before
And we may have different companions
But I want you to know that I never stopped being here for you
A friend you never see,
But you always have..

o227. Falling in love is a sweet ambition
Finding TRUE LOVE is a lifetime mission
But finding a true friend is a lifetime achievement

o228. They love you but they are not your lover.
They care for you but they are not your family.
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation.
They are FRIENDS!
True friend scolds like Dad,
Cares like Mom,
Teases like a sister,
Irritates like a brother,
And finally, loves you more than a brother
Life is hell without friends..

o229. 'Coz you're my friend, lahat gagawin ko
Lahat ng tinik aking aapakan
Init at ulan, aking titiisin,
Ang pagkakaibigan talaga natin ang papatay sa akin.

o230. GF at BF nag-aaway,
GF: Hoy! Tumingin ka nga sa akin! Pag nag-aaway tayo lagi kang ganyan! Ano bang problema mo?!
BF: Eh, pano ba naman! Pag tumitingin ako sa'yo, nawawala agad galit ko.. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


o211. A butterfly was in love with a white rose
One day, the butterfly tells his feelings to the rose.
The white rose told him that when she turns red,
That's the only time she'll love him.
The butterfly then fly,
Cut his body and spread his blood on the rose..
The rose turn red and fell in love with the butterfly.
But the butterfly was no longer alive.
"Love sacrifices" are sometimes useless.
Especially if someone doesn't know how to appreciate it.
They will come to realize important things when it's gone.
Sad, isn't?

o212. One can not truly experience the beauty of love without enduring the pain that comes with it once it's lost.

o213. Giving up doesn't mean you are weak.
Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.

o214. Wanting him is hard to get.
Loving him is hard to regret.
Losing him is hard to accept.
But with all the hurt I've felt,
Letting go is the most painful yet.

o215. "We tell lies when we are afraid,
Afraid of what we don't know,
Afraid of what others will think,
Afraid of what will be found out about us."

o216. People are going to WANT you,
NEED you,
TAKE you,
LOVE you,
HATE you,
PLAY you,
RATE you,
SAVE you,
And break you.
But that's what makes you.

o217. A heart made of ice doesn't need someone who has flamethrowers to melt the ice away
But someone who waits until the ice melts by itself.

o218. Kapag ipinagpalit ka ng mahal mo sa panget,
Mayaman yun!
Wala ka ng choice kundi ang magmove on.
Krisis, eh!

o219. "Sometimes, we find it hard to tell someone about our true feelings,
But we forget that we're already acting it."

o220. Top five na kinaseselos ng mga babae:
-- Tama bang unahin yun keysa GF?!
-- Sige! Adik na, eh!
-- Dapat GF lang, wala ng epal!
-- Di pa ba sila nagsasawa, puro mukha nalang ng isa't isa nakikita nila?!
At ang nangunguna sa lahat,
-- Diba, past is past? Bakit nakikisahog pa. Ineentertain naman ng isa!


o201. What every kiss means:
SMACK> I'm ready
FOREHEAD> Hope we're together forever
HAND> I adore you
LIPS> I love you
What gestures mean:
SLAP ON THE BUTT> That's mine
PLAYING WITH HAIR> Tell me you love me
HOLDING HANDS> We definitely love each other
ARMS AROUND THE WAIST> I love you too much to let go
LAUGHING WHILE KISSING> I'm completely comfortable with you
-- If you're thinking about someone while reading this
You're definitely in love with that someone!

o202. Find out what makes you happy and
Follow whatever your heart tells you
They may call you foolish
But at least you're a happy fool
Not a lonely empty wise person.

o203. I hate the feeling of missing people I've lost along the way
But yet I'm not hoping they'll return again
'Coz I know one day
I'll accept the fact that
Not all things are meant to be with me.

o204. What if you're not destined to be together?
What if you're meant for somebody else?
Will you just give up and let DESTINY rule your heart?
Or will you fight and let your HEART rule your destiny?

o205. I'd rather be with someone who's making my day so irritating
Than to be at peace all day long
And missing the person who irritates me.

o206. There is always someone better than you,
Someone more attractive than you,
Someone smarter than you,
Someone one step ahead of you,
But the one who is better than you may just be the loneliest person,
The one who is more attractive than you may not be so attractive on the inside
And the person smarter than you may not have the love you receive from others
So never ever be the jealous one,
Love what you have
And love who you are.

o207. "Things just happen,
Things that we may never understand.
But we just have to believe that it's for the best,
Even if it doesn't always seem that way."

o208. Contentment is not fulfillment of what you wish for,
But appreciation of what you have.

o209. "Make at least one person happy each day
Even if it is yourself."

o210. You don't always need a kiss to make you feel special.
Don't always need to hold someone's hand to make you feel wanted.
Don't always need a hug to make you feel desired.
And you don't always need a partner in order to be happy.
You're already good on your own,
Having someone is just an added BONUS.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


o191. Ang mga ants kapag lumalakad sa wall
Kahit busy sila, nakukuha pa rin nila magbatian.
Sana maging tulad tayo ng mga ants, no?
'Yung nakakalakad sa wall.

o192. Closeness of friendship doesn't need every minute conversation
As long as you find time to smile
Remembering crazy moments together
It's the closest thing ever!

o193. It's ok to look back at the trash you've thrown away,
But never pick it up again.
It's unsterile!

o194. The best part of being in love is just love a person
And be happy about it
Even if that person can never be yours.
Even if you know that it can't last forever.
That's the essence of love.
It's not about winning someone.
It's not about owning a relationship.
It's just about being happy 'coz you know you've love someone.
It's about being guiltless 'coz you know you didn't take away someone from anybody.
You just loved and loved unselfishly.

o195. "It takes a thousand brains to explain what love is..
But only two hearts to know.."

o196. You will never know what you're good at until you try.
When it doesn't work,
Call it an experiment
Never a failure.

o197. BOY: Matalino ka, diba?
Bat di mo ko kayang sagutin?
GIRL: Kasi nga matalino ako at alam kong 'di ikaw ang sagot!

o198. A bitter dose of reality:
It takes a thousand sweet efforts to build a good relationship.
Yet one fatal error can destroy everything you have started.

o199. We get hurt the moment we start to care
And they will only start to care when they realize that we got hurt.

o200. A girl listed ten reasons why I should avoid him and not be with him anymore.
1. He's clumsy
2. He laughs and talks so loud.
3. He's acting like a little child
4. He may kill me in shame everytime I'm with him
5. He acts like crazy even he's not drunk
6. He's moody most of the time
7. He's so unpredictable
8. He's bossy
9. He's such a nagger
10. He's not even my boyfriend
i LOVE him.


o181. NOTE:
Ang pag-ibig ay hindi hinihintay.
Hindi hinahanap..
At mas lalong hindi kusang dumarating..
Ito pala dapat ay inaagaw..

o182. Who would you choose?
Someone faithful, who's willing to shed pails of tears for you?
Or someone hot, who's willing to fulfill you sexual fantasies anytime, anywhere?
Uy, nalito!

o183. A wasted moment can make you regret so bad..
A single mistake can change your whole life..
From then, you'll see how the little things you ignore meant everything when they're gone..

o184. "Hardest lessons and problems in life are also the most precious ones
'Coz they force us to face our weaknesses and fears,
But above all, they unleash hidden strengths we never knew we had."

o185. Go for someone who is not only proud to have you
But will also take every risk just to be with you..

o186. "Huwag kang mainlove sa taong masarap lang kausap..
Dapat masarap din siya.."

o187. BOY: Kapag tayo na, magkasama nating haharapin ang mga problema..
GIRL: Pero wala naman akong problema..
BOY: Eh, kasi hindi pa tayo. Excited ka naman.

o188. "Kung talagang para sa'yo ang isang tao.
Sa'yong-sa'yo na!
Saksak mo sa baga mo!
Kadamutan nito!
'Wag kang dadaan sa'min, ah!"

o189. "There are times that it is better to let things happen,
Rather than insisting on how you want them to be done."

o190. Be strong:
Never tell yourself, "I am tired."
The more you accept that thought,
The more exhausted you'll become.
But if you tell yourself, "I can do even more"
You'll find that there are no limits in what you can accomplish.
For GOD never gets tired of guiding you all the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


o171. Bitter people just can't move on
They keep on sending messages that they think explains who you are or what you did to them
They just keep on blaming you and most of all,
They always feel victimized.
When in fact, wherever position they are now
It's all because of their own doing and choice..

o172. "If the relationship does not make you a better person,
Then you are with the wrong one."

o173. "Human beings are funny..
They long to be with people they love but refuse to admit openly,
Some are afraid to show even the slightest sign of affection because of fear..
Fear that their feeling may not be recognized,
Or even worse, returned.
But one thing about human being puzzles me the most is their conscious effort to be remotely connected with their object of affection,
Even if it kills them slowly.."

o174. Beware of MEN:
They love too many..
But beware of WOMEN too:
They love too much,
That makes many love them.

o175. "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
And believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said that it'd be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it."

o176. People cry not because love ends
But because it still continues even if it's over.

o177. Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.
But sometimes it leaves a heartache that no one else can heal.

o178. "One of the best feelings in the world is
Realizing you're perfectly happy,
Without the thing you thought you needed most."

o179. A cute fact:
INFATUATION can only hold the mind for a maximum of four months.
If it exceeds that point,
then you're already in love.

o180. Why do misplaced things appear when not needed
And unseen when you want it the most?
Simply because you are not aware what it does unless you're about to use it.

Monday, May 11, 2009


-- a pure word deafness wherein the word is clearly heard but seems unfamiliar or not easily understood like a foreign language.
Parang ganito:
B: Mahal kita..
G: Ha?

o162. "Kung maraming dapat gawin pero wala kang ginagawa,
Mas madalas na hindi katamaran ang dahilan nun..
May iniisip ka.."
-- Bob Ong

o163. "Don't deny yourself of the things you want because a thing that is denied becomes strongly desired.""

o164. "While I'm busy looking up the balloon,
I've realized that there's an ice cream melting on my hand."
Makes sense?
Don't take things for granted.

o165. I don't have the capability to paint the skies blue when the dark clouds sets in..
But I do have an umbrella we can share in case those raindrops fall..

o166. "Of all the hardships a person had to face,
Nothing was more punishing than the simple act of WAITING.."

o167. A relationship doesn't need any promises, terms or conditions..
It just needs two wonderful people..
"One who can trust"
And "One who can understand"

o168. "Sometimes, there are reasons why we don't want to talk about stuff.
One, if it means nothing..
Two, if it means everything.."

o169. Life doesn't force us to be the best..
It only asks us to try..

o170. "Love always sparks through the good times,
And it's up to you to make it last through the bad times.."

Thursday, May 7, 2009


o151. O, ayan.
Sa kalilipat ni GMA ng holidays pati tuloy summer napalitan na rin ng tag-ulan.

o152. Isang binata naputulan ng parehong braso.
Pagdating sa ospital,
BINATA: Doc, gamutin nyo po ako. Naputol parehong braso ko.
DOC: Mga anong oras ka ba naputulan?
BINATA: May 10 oras na po.
DOC: 10?! Eh, bakit ngayon ka lang pumunta rito?
BINATA: Hello?! Mahirap kayang pumara ng jeep!

o153. "There is nothing wrong in making mistakes,
What's wrong is letting it stay as a mistake without the effort of making it right."

o154. "Sometimes, someone does something really really small, very very simple..
Yet it just fits perfectly right into this empty place in your heart."

o155. "LOVE isn't supposed to be easy..
It's supposed to be worth it."

o155."YOU were never in my vocabulary.
Until one day,
YOU became the only word I knew."

o156. 11 people were hanging on a rope from a helicopter.
10 men and 1 woman.
The rope was not strong enough for 11.
One had to let go.
They couldn't decide who.
So the woman announced:
"I will voluntarily let go of the rope,
'Coz as a woman, I got used to giving up everything for my husband and kids,
Or for men in general,
And got used to always making sacrifices with little in return."
All the men clapped their hands.
A tribute to wise women martyrs.

o157. "Hindi mo ako kayang labanan.
Kahit gaano ka pa katapang o kalakas."
-- Antok

o158. Sa dinami-rami ng taong nakilala ko,
Isa ka run.
Nakakatouch, noh?

o159. "You know that you will not find someone better when you put in your mind that you already have the best."

o160. If love can be avoided simply by closing our eyes,
I wouldn't blink at all
For I don't want to let a second pass having fallen out of love with you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


o141. If there's one lesson we young adults ought to learn, it should be maturity.
Maturity in loving,
And maturity to not be bitter when things do not work out;
Maturity to understand that life could be unfair,
And maturity to not make things worse;
Maturity to realize that there are things we can't change,
And maturity to accept them gracefully even if it does hurts us the most.

o142. "Sometimes you need to forget what you want and remember what you deserve."

o143. If looking back hurts you and looking forward scares you,
Then look beside you,
I'll be there.

o144. I like the simplicity of this line:
"Friends are like blood.
They may not be around but they come out when we are wounded."

o145. Our lack of perfection should remind us that no one has the right to judge another's worth.
-- Pero masarap manlait minsan

o146. Masarap ang walang magawa sa buhay.
Tignan mo ako,
Walang magawa sa buhay,

o147. I guess when you love someone,
You'll realize that it would never be about you and how you want your relationship to be
It's about staying intact and finding ways of things alright when life says they should not be
It's called,
Defying all the odds for something you call

o148. "Two persons will not be together for so long if they cannot forgive each other's failure."

o149. "All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything.
What we think, we become."

o150. Homer: You must hate me, Marge.
Everytime I try to help, I just fail miserably.
Marge: I don't hate you for failing,
I love you for trying.
-- The Simpsons

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


o131. Sabi nila ang disneyland daw ang happiest place on earth.
Sabi ko naman,
"Try mo sa piling ko, baka magbago ang isip mo!"

o132. "To live in the past or in the future may be less satisfying than to love in the present,
But it can never be as disillusioning."

o133. I always make others happy even if I'm not.
But it doesn't mean that I am a pretender.
I only want to be positive while my own world is negative.

o134. "Humble people don't think less of themselves,
They just think of themselves less."
-- from Something Else to Smile About by Zig Zigla

o135. Kung one day nakita mo yung mahal mo may kalandiang iba,
Itext mo lang ako at lalandiin din kita.

o136. Nothing really ends nicely,
That's why it ends.

o137. Did you know that for every 200 people you meet everyday,
Two of them are ghosts?
-- Reader's Digest

o138. "The best thing you can do for someone is to just exist to be there when they suddenly realize that they need you right then."

o139. Bakit ba kahit alam mo naman ang sagot para ka pa ring tangang paulit-ulit ng katatanong?
Dahil ba mahina ka lang talaga umintindi?
O dahil umaasa ka na magbabago pa ang isip nya?

o140. If you love what you're doing,
You'll never get bored.
Same with ,
If you love that someone,
You'll never get tired.