Friday, August 28, 2009


o681. "If you love someone,
Yoou would be willing to give up everything for them
But if they love you,
They would never ask you to."

o682. There is one thing everybody wants to feel
To be loved without begging for it.

o683. God placed different people in our lives for a reason
Some to challenge us,
Some to inspire us,
Some to stretch us,
Some to encourage us,
And some more for other good reasons
But don't forget that you also play a unique role in someone else's life
So be happy in whatever you're doing
No matter how small or difficult your task is
Only you can do it.
And only God knows how far your influence can go.

o684. If you move like you're happy
You begin to think happy thoughts
Amazing but true
Motion creates emotion
So get up and start the day with a smile.

o685. You have to learn that sometimes it isn't love
It's just a feeling
A sudden feeling
And you just over reacted

o686. Sabi nila
'Pag gwapo yung lalaki,
Maganda yung girlfriend
Almost perfect pa nga raw
Pero pansinin mo,
'Pag yung babae ang maganda,
Hindi lahat ng nagiging boyfriend nya, gwapo, diba?
Ang babae kasi
Mas tinitignan ang ugali kesa sa looks
Pero ang lalaki,
Basta maganda
Kahit pa ugaling IMPAKTA
At utak BIYA
Pwede na, diba?

o687. Usually, the person with more smiles
Is the same person with more heartaches.

o688. Two of the shortest words in the English language are YES and NO
And yet they're often the ones that require most thought before they are spoken.

o689. A person with a purpose does things out of the ordinary,
Above average..
Personality doesn't make a person extraordinary
Neither does intelligence nor education
What makes a person extraordinary is his/her purpose
The consuming desire to accomplish something in life.

o690. "Silence doens't always means yes,
It could also mean..
I'm tired of explaining to people who doesn't even care to listen with understanding.."

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