Friday, August 14, 2009


o641. At one time in your life,
The one you have loved the most
Will suddenly,
Turn out to be the greatest stranger you have ever met.

o642. Kung hindi ka na masaya sa buhay mo,
Bakit hindi mo subukang..
"Sumali sa buhay ko?"

o643. Nagtaka nga rin ako nung sinend sakin to.

o644. We don't have everything to enjoy life
But we have life to enjoy everything.
Always choose to see the nice things.
Life is happier that way.

o645. One day you will be surprised to see yourself smiling at the thought of caring for someone so much,
Who used to be just an ordinary person to you before.

o646. Mga bagong banat ni Melanie Marquez at Alyssa Alano:
-- I'm sick of tired.
-- True good to be true
-- When it rains, it's four
-- Once in a new moon
-- Please don't make fond of me
-- The more you hate, the more you laugh
-- Alma Mother
-- Keep your mouth shock
-- It's just the tip of the icing
-- Connect me if I'm wrong
-- I hope you don't mine
-- I wanna portrait the role
-- The nerd!
-- Will you please give me alone?

o647. Alam mo ba kung ano ang ipinagkaiba ng bulag sa nakakakita?
Hindi alam ng mga nakakakita kung kailan sila nabulag.
-- Bob Ong

o648. The average person tells 4 lies a day,
or 1460 a year for a total of 88,000 by the age of 60.
And the most common lie is:
"I'm fine."

o649. "At some point,
You will realize that you have already done too much for someone,
That the only next possible step to do,
Is to leave him/her alone."

o650. There are people who would kill just to see you fall.
So stay positive,
But within the boundaries of reality.

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