Friday, August 28, 2009


o671. "Nothing starts easy.
Everything begins at some level of difficulty.
Even waking up requires certain efforts.
But one thing beautiful abou life is the fact that what is most difficult
Is also the most rewarding and the most satisfying."

o672. I don't know for sure what being mature and wise is like.
But I think it's when you grow up enough
To finally be able to joke about the things that once broke your heart.

o673. It is in mistakes that we learn how to grow to be better individuals.
You may judge me for what you see
But it is not my mistakes that determines who am I
But it is what I do to make it right.

o674. The message of tooth ache:
"Even the sweetest thing on earth..
Can hurt."

o675. There are two reasons why people change:
1st, they've LEARNED a lot.
2nd, they've been HURT too much.

o676. You can respect and learn from people even if you don't like them.
You can learn something from anyone,
Because every person in the world knows something that you don't.

o677. "Sometimes, no mater how much you miss someone,
It's still wiser not to have that person back again."

o678. Ano ang kaibahan ng fairy tale sa SONA?
Ang fairy tale ay kwentong hindi totoo na may duwende.
Ang SONA ay may duwendeng nagukkwento ng hindi totoo.

o679. BOY: Pwede bang umakyat ng ligaw?
GIRL: Sorry, wala kaming stairs.

o680. "Magiging permanente ang lahat ng bagay sa buhay mo,
Kung marunong kang makuntento."

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