Thursday, October 7, 2010


o981. It's a rule in life that everything you've always wanted will come the very second you stop looking for it.

o982. Minsan, ang pagkukulang ay wala na sa taong nagbibigay.
Kundi sa isip ng taong binibigyan.

o983. Hindi porke pinili nyang magkaibigan lang kayo ay di ka na nya mahal.
Di mo lang alam,
Mas higit ka nyang mahal dahil pinili nya kung san kayo mas tatagal.

o984. May apat na bear sa isang kotse,
Si papa bear,
Si mama bear,
Si baby bear,
Sino pa yung isa?
Eh, di si DRAYBEAR!
Oye, korni!

o985. GIRL1: Aagawin ko ang BF mo!
GIRL2: Kung kaya mo.
GIRL1: Kung ang asawa nga, naghihiwalay. BF pa kaya?!
GIRL2: Kung bulkan nga sumasabog, mukha mo pa kaya?!
Basag! Haha!

o986. Sa pharmacy...
GUY: Miss, pabili ng condom. Birthday kasi ng GF ko.
SALESLADY (smiles naughtily): Shall I gift wrap it?
GUY: No need. That's the wrapper of my gift.

o987. A little faith says, "God may do it!"
A bigger faith says, "God can do it!"
But a deep faith says, "Whatever happens, God does what is the best."

o988. Don't run ahead of God,
Let Him direct your steps,
He has plans and He has time.
God's clock is never early or late.
It always strikes on time.

o989. Everytime I begin to feel that there's no enough strength in me,
I end up in knowing that there's more in Him.

o990. May God who knows the goodness of your heart bless you abundantly,
Give you a healthier body
And grant even your silent prayers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


o971. Love does not demand to be loved back but it does not mean it exists to be taken for granted.
If you can't return the love you're given, don't let it linger to grow alone.
If you don't want it, refuse kindly.
Love may not demand but it also deserves a heart that will better understand.

o972. Yes, she got the perfect looks, the perfect curves.
But what's the use of her so-called BEAUTY,
When no man takes her seriously.

o973. Never recycle a past relationship.
Because if it didn't work out before.
What makes you think it would work out this time?

o974. A child asked his father:
"Why do I need to be humble?"
Then the father said:
"When you choose the lowly path,
There is no place to fall and the only way is up."

o975. The road to success is not straight.
There is a curve called FAILURE,
A loop called CONFUSION,
Red lights called ENEMIES,
There are flats called JOBS,
But if we have a spare tire called DETERMINATION,
An engine called PERSEVERANCE,
Insurance called FAITH,
A driver called JESUS,
We will make it to a place called SUCCESS.

o976. If a person is SINGLE.
It doesn't mean that he knows nothing about LOVE.
In fact, going SOLO is a lot wiser than being in a wrong relationship.

o977. Isa sa pinakamalungkot na sitwasyon sa buhay ay yung gusto mo siyang ipaglaban,
Pero pagsuko na lang ang tangi mong pagpipilian.

o978. There's always a part of the past that we want to have back.
But we can never get what we have today if we didn't let go of such yesterday.

o979. It's funny how day by day nothing changes,
But when you look back,
Everything is different.

o980. Samahan ka man ng mga taong bilib sa kagalingan mo,
Iba pa rin ang pakiramdam kapag kasama ang mga taong tanggap ang kahinaan mo.
--Bob Ong

Monday, August 9, 2010


o961. May you rise each texting day with fully charged cellphone in your hand,
Inspiring message in your mind,
Me in your heart,
And a clear signal all day long.

o962. Nakakainis ka!
Napakaisip bata mo!
Ang childish mo!
So immature!
Ano bang gusto mong mangyari, ha?
Maging BABY ko?

o963. I admit I'm a DEVIL.
A red-horned, long-tailed devil.
But what's unique and amazing with me is that,
I'm the kind of devil who'll stay beside you when you're left alone by your FAKE ANGELS.

o964. I've always used my eyes for compassion,
My hands for charity,
My heart for love,
And my lips for truth.
And for anyone who doesn't like me,
My middle finger.

o965. Make a change while you still have the chance,
Because there will come a time that there will be a lot room for changes
But no more room for chances.

o966. A professor once told me,
To gain satisfaction in life,
"One should cheat a little."
But love came around, and reminded this:
Whether you cheat a little or you cheat THIS big,
Write in your history book,
"I deserve to be love unfaithfully.'

o967. "A heart made of ice doesn't need someone who has flame throwers to melt the ice away.
But someone who patiently waits till the ice melts by itself."

o968. I guess when you love someone, you'll realize that it would never be about you and how your relationship to be but it's about finding ways of making things alright when life says it shouldn't be.
It's all about defying the odds for something we call EVERYTHING.

o969. Love has got nothing to do with what you are expecting to get,
Only with what you are expecting to give - which is EVERYTHING.

o970. Hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay kasinungalingan na ito.
At hindi lahat ng kaya mong intindihin ay katotohanan.

Monday, June 21, 2010


o951. BELLA: Edward, ano bang hinahanap mo dyan sa basurahan?
EDWARD: Yung napkin mo. Pagtyatyagaan ko na to.

o952. "When we fall seriously in love,
We always wish that the feeling would mutually grow and stay forever..
But sometimes, no matter how perfect a relationship may seem,
People just change and forget their promises of forever."

o953. --POCHERO--
1. Maggisa ka ng bawang at sibuyas.
2. Ilagay ang baboy at tubig.
3. Pag malambot na, ilagay ang petchay, fried kamote o patatas, saging, bitsuelas at idagdag ang pork and beans na nasa lata.
4. Lagyan ng asin at paminta ayon sa iyong panlasa.
Para maiba naman.
Puro love at friendshio quotes, eh.

o954. They say, doing things without thinking really sucks.
It may lead to something where in the end, you're the one whose going to lose.
But they've never thought that sometimes,
doing things without thinking makes us feel better.

o955. Two words that contains millions of letters:
Uuy, nag-isip pa ng malupit.

o956. IQ TEST:
I am a seven letter word.
My 123 is a liquid.
My 3456 is a pain.
My 567 is a girl.
My 67 is an area in the hospital.
Who am I?

o957. I woke up this morning,
I realized that I should not regret any day of my life.
Good days give me happiness.
Bad days give me experiences.
Both are essential to life.
Happiness keep me SWEET.
Trials make me STRONG.
Sorrows keep me HUMAN.
Failures make me HUMBLE.
Success keeps me GROWING.
and God keeps me GOING.
Stay strong!

o958. MAN: Hmn. Wala ka namang singaw sa dila!
WIFE: Eh, bakit kaya masakit?
MAN: Siguro sa sobrang bungangera mo, nag-overheat.

o959. I never regret loving the people I once loved.
What I regret is that I became the wrong one for those I thought who can stay with me for all my life.

o960. LOLA: Apo, alam mo naman na matanda na ako. Kung mamamatay ako, ipamamana ko sayo ang aking sakahan, prutasan, bahay at mga hayop.
APO: Salamat po, lola! San po yun?
LOLA: Sa facebook, apo. Email ko, eh, at ang password, ganda143. Click mo sa bookmark ang Farmville.


o941. A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of power, blessings..
A soul shall never be helpless with God's infinite grace..
Inhale God's love..

o942. "Aanhin pa ang gabi, kung wala ka namang katabi..
Eh, may nakarinig:
"Eh, anong silbi ng may katabi kung wala namang nangyayari.."
Aba, may humirit:
"Eh, ano naman kung may nangyayari, kung wala namang nabubuong baby?"
May affected na pogi:
"Pano may mabubuong baby kung parehas kayong lalaki?"
Ang pinakamatindi:
"Aanhin mo ang babae kung mukha namang lalaki?"

o943. When you keep the Lord in your heart,
There is nothing to fear about in your life.
Things will come as the Lord has planned..
So hold on, God is with you.

o944. May God who knows the goodness of your heart bless you abundantly,
Give you a healthier body
And grant even your deepest silent prayers.

o945. I was not aware that you came only to love me for a while,
I was aiming to be with you forever but while I was busy planning for us,
You were busy planning your life with another person.
It hurts too much but all I can do is watch you walk away and say:
"There goes my forever."

o946. Sana parang mataya-taya nalang ang pag-ibig
Para pag nataya mo na yung mahal mo,
Sya naman maghahabol sayo.

o947. Tears are one of the most meaningful liquid.
Wanna know why?
Coz out of many liquids here in the world,
Only tears can explain the real meaning of pain.

o948. Valuing a person is not merely seeing each other everyday,
What count most is that somehow in our busy lives,
We remember each other just by saying:

o949. A heart who seeks God early in the morning will find happiness, peace and security even in the midst of a stormy day.
Smile, it's gonna be a great day!

o950. To love someone doesn't mean to force a commitment,
Sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have.
As long as it stays.

Friday, May 21, 2010


o931. Great friendship is about two main things:
First is to find out the similarities.
And second is to respect the differences.

o932. FACT:
The human brain can operate as fast as the slowest brain cells.
Excessive intake of alcohol, as we all know, kills brain cells but naturally,
It attacks the slowest and weakest brain first.
In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells
Making the brain faster and more efficient.
That's why you always feel smart when you're drunk.
Palakpakan, mga lasenggo!

o933. BOY: Miss, para kang chicharon.
GIRL: Bakit naman?
BOY: Ang sarap mong papakin, eh!
(Bakla umepal)
BAKLA: Ako rin, parang chicharon.
BOY: Oo, tangina mo! Nakakahighblood ka.

o934. Some years ago,
A newspaper offered a prize for the best definition of money..
Out of the hundreds who competed submitted this food for thought.
"Money is a universal provider for everything but not happiness.
And a passport to everywhere but never in heaven."

o935. "You will get tired as everyone else does..
You can have all the choices to stop.
But remember, taking a good rest is a lot different from giving up."

o936. Don't be sad when you experience break ups.
Kasi hindi ginawa ang break up para masaktan ka at lumuha.
Ginawa ang break up para ilayo ka sa maling tao na akala mo tama.

o937. Thought for a lifetime:
If you want to be happy, you will wait forever.
But if you decide to be happy, you will then be happy forever.
Kaya be happy, now na..

o938. Sometimes, it doesn't matter who DUMPED or GOT DUMPED,
It all comes down to who's BITTER
And who got BETTER.

o939. Sana signal nalang ako ng cellphone mo,
Para kapag nawala ako,
Gagawa ka ng paraan para bumalik ako.

o940. Have you noticed the grass?
Even if somebody steps on it,
It never gets hurt.
It never hurts others too.
When a wild storm attacks,
All the big trees get uprooted
But the simple grass survives.
So stay noble and humble like the grass.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


o921. Don't be afraid to take chances even if it might hurt you.
Just be strong and take it.
'Coz you might miss that single chance that would change your life and make you complete.

o922. 'Wag mong hayaang mawala sa'yp ang mahal mo kung may nagawa man syang masama.
Matuto kang magpatawad dahil walang taong perpekto.
Tanggapin mo kung ano at sino sya.
Dahil ang pagmamahal,
Hindi nasusukat sa ugali.
Kundi sa sinasabi ng puso.
Nagmahal ka pa kung sa simpleng pagkakamali lang nya, umaayaw ka na.

o923. Minsan may nagmahal sa akin.
Nangakong hindi ako iiwan.
Pero hindi natupad!
Masakit yun, alam mo ba?
Kaya kung mahal mo ako,
Pwede ba, mahalin mo nalang ako?
'Wag ka nang mangako.

o924. PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR: Anong meron ka na wala sa'yo?
ESTUDYANTE: Meron po akong mahal pero wala sa akin.

o925. Naalala mo dati, umiiyak ako.
Sabi mo, "Tahan na, andito naman ako, eh. 'Di kita pababayaan."
Ngayon, umiiyak na naman ako.
Niyakap mo ako.
Sabi mo, "Tama na, makakalimutan mo rin ako."

o926. I'm not a perfect lover.
I say what's on my mind.
I start fights.
I get jealous.
Sometimes, I don't want to understand things.
I'm demanding.
I'm childish.
I'm moody.
But there are three things that I love about me.
I'm sweet.
I'm faithful.
And when I chose you,
It's only you.

o927. "Don't cry over someone who doesn't deserve your tears."
"Ang pinakamatinding pang-asar sa taong nanakit sa'yo ay isang matamis na ngiti."

o928. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
So, love the person who treat you right,
Forget about the ones who don't,
And believe that everything happens for a reason.
Know a good thing when you see it.
And don't let it slip away.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said it would be easy,
They just said, it would be worth it.

o929. We love ourselves even after doing many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others for their one mistake?

o930. In love, you can make mistakes,
But the biggest mistake you could ever do is to give up someone you love and say:
"It's for the best,
So we'll stop hurting each other."

Monday, April 26, 2010


o911. Question:
When do you congratulate someone for their mistake?
On their wedding..

o912. Bruce: I’m kinda scared. I got a letter that says if I don’t stop dating his wife, he’s gonna shoot me.
Vince: Well, then stop.
Bruce: Which one? It wasnt signed!

o913. I'm not wishing for an instant happily ever after
I'm just hoping for a real, sincere love
Eventhough the relationship won't last forever.

o914. "The heart was made to be broken." --Oscar Wilde

o915. "I refuse to let what happened make me feel bitter.
I still completely believe in love,
And I am open to anything that will happen to me."
--Nicole Kidman

o916. "When you break up,
Your whole identity is shattered.
It's like death."
--Dennis Quaid

o917. Mother Theresa:
Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

o918. A million words would no bring you back,
I know because I tried.
Neither would a million tears,
I know because I cried.

o919. Jesus said,
"I will no longer call you servants,
Because a servant does not know his master's business.
Instead I have called you friends,
For everything I've learned from my Father,
I have made known to you."

o920. A wise man once said that every person should maintain at least three kinf of friendships:
1. Friends of your age whom you can talk over your problems, goals, plans and confidence.
2. Friends younger than you whom you can share your life's experiences.
3. Friends older than you whom you can confide and be assured of wise counsel.
It is not in being helped but in helping others that you can find release from your inner tensions.
Be strong always.


o901. Definition of Honeymoon
The vacation a man takes before beginning work under a new boss..

o902. Life is like cotton, don’t make it heavier by sinking it in sorrow of water,
But make it lighter by letting it blow in the air of joy..

o903. “If every beat 0f my heart is caused by pe0ple wh0 are kind and sweet t0 me,
I just want t0 say, THANK YOU..
For keeping me ALIVE!”

o904. They love u but they are not your lover..
They care for u but they are not from your family..
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation.
They are:
True friend scolds like a Dad!
Cares like a Mom!
Teases like a Sister!
Irritates like a Brother!
And finally loves u more than a lover.

o905. Content:
There are two perfect guys out there,
The only problem is they’re dating each other.

o906. Mahirap magsabi ng “sorry”
Mahirap magsabi ng "mahal kita"
Mahirap magsabi ng "kailangan kita"
Pero nalaman ko, pinakamahirap palang sabihin yung
Lower, rural, ruler ng 10 times na mabilis.
Totoo, try mo!

o907. Babae: Sabong, bilyar, casino! Puro ka na lng sugal! Pinababayaan mo na kami!
Lalake: Magbabago na ako! Mula ngaun, di ko na gagawin lahat un.
Babae: Talaga lng, ha?!
Lalake: Oo nga! Kahit magpustahan pa tayo!

o908. Many times, the things we complain about are the good things.
We grumble about having too much work while others don’t even have.
We complain waking up early in the morning while others don’t even have a reason to live.
We grouse about gaining weight while others don’t even have food on their tables.
Everyday, the Lord fills our lives with so much goodness.
All we need to do is open our eyes and give thanks for each of them..

o909. To laugh is to risk appearing foolish.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing one’s true self.
To place ideas before a crowd is to risk ridicule.
To hope is to risk despair.
Yet the person who risks nothing and does nothing ultimately becomes nothing.

o910. A boy writing a paper on childbirth asks his parents, ‘How was I born?’
MOM: (awkwardly) The stork brought you.
BOY: Oh. Well, how were u & daddy born?
MOM: Oh, the stork brought us, too, & Grandpa & Grandma.
The boy wrote his paper,
‘This report has been very difficult to write due to the fact there hasn’t been a natural childbirth in my family for three generations…’


o891. A teacher asked her young student,
‘Why should you never accept candy from strangers?’
One girl knew.
‘Because it might be past the sell-by date.’

o892. Thought of the day:
“Walang taong panget,
Nagkataon lang na yung mukha nila, hindi uso.”

Try to do another’s will rather than your own.
Always choose to have less rather than more.
Always choose the lowest place and to be less than everyone else.
Always long and pray that the will of God may be fully done throughout your life!

o894. Seek what you wish from God, not from men.
Be satisfied in joy; there is honor therein.
On friends and relatives be not a burden.
Rich is he who hopes from God, not from men.

o895. The value of service lies in the spirit in which you serve and not in the importance or magnitude of the service.
Even the lowliest task or deed is made holy, joyous, and prosperous when it is filled with love.

o896. A teacher was doing a study of testing the sense of taste of 1st-graders using a bowl of Lifesavers.
The pupils began to identify the flavors by their colors: red, cherry, yellow, lemon, etc.
Lastly, teacher gave them HONEY Lifesavers,
None of the pupils could identify taste so she gave them a clue,
‘It’s what ur mother sometimes call ur father.’
One of the pupils looked up in horror, spit her Lifesaver and yelled,
‘Oh my God! They’re assholes!’

o897. GUY ask his WIFE:
Darling, what wuld u do if I’ve won in lotto?
Wife: I’d take half, then leave you.
Guy: Good! I bet on Sueltres lotto three numbers & won P1000, take ur P500..
Good bye!

o898. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” --Plato

A Taleban terrorist didn’t pay enough postage on a letter bomb.
It came back with ‘return to sender’ stamped on it.
Forgetting it was the bomb, he opened it.

o900. At a Rotarian meeting, the members were challenged to come up with an insipirational sentence using the word countenance.
The winning entry was ‘I put a cheerful countenance on people every day.’
It was submitted by a mortuary owner.


o881. Have you ever asked yourself why does everything in this world have to be complicated?
Why do we have to see lots of varieties and choices yet we only need one?
Why can't everything just be simple?
That's life.
Enjoy it!
It doesn't matter if you pick up the wrong one.
After all, how will you know which is right if you don't know which is wrong?


Saan nagtatago ang mga taong may pagkakasala at umiiwas sa imbestigasyon?
NOON: Sa simbahan.
NGAYON: Sa St. Luke’s Medical Center

MISIS: Hoy! Lasing ka na naman! Napakairesponsable mo! Lumalaklak ka na naman samantalang yung mga anak natin, wala nang makain!
MISTER: Anong wala? Ipinadala ko na nga yung pulutan sa bahay, eh!

o884. Happiness is a product of the mind, of attitude and thought.
It comes from you, not to you.
To be happy you must choose to be happy;
The Scriptures say, ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’
Stay happy!

o885. We’re all fighting a battle of some kind, but some are not winning!

Winners have one thing in common: a strong faith that refuses to quit.

o886.A gangster, a rapist, and a murderer are in the same car..

Who’s driving the car?
A police officer!

o887. Man prays to God:
Dear God give me hard times,
Give me pain,
Destroy my sleep at night,
Destroy my happy moments during the day,
Let loose a ghost behind my back,
Take away my happiness and comforts,
Make me bankrupt ..
And God interrupts:
"Why don’t you simply say you want a wife?"

We feel secure in our own home or community,
But when we are put into unfamiliar surroundings,
We can easily become frightened.
Faith is adapting yourself to the unfamiliar.
Faith says you’re adaptable!
This is the opportunity to grow.

In times of problems..
God gives us 3 things:
The problem,
The solution,
And the lesson.

o890. Kapag balisa ka remember God’s promises.
Kapag inis ka, control yourself.
Kapag may problema ka, pray.
At kapag wala kang pera, isipin mo ako.
Hindi ka nag-iisa!
Wala rin akong pera…

Monday, April 19, 2010


o871. Hindi naman lahat ng taong sa palagay mong special ay dapat mong makarelasyon.
Minsan, tama na yung alam nyong mahalaga kayo sa isa't isa.

o872. A valuable thought:
"Don't show so much love to anyone because it creates a non-curable pain when they start avoiding you."

o873. If someone throws a stone on you, throw back love.
But if someone throws love at you,
Think well.
Don't just throw back love.
Because love might hurt more than a stone.

o874. "Don't try to understand everything,
Because sometimes, it's not meant to understand.
But, rather to accept."

o875. Don't waste your time and effort crying all over the same reason again and again.
Once is enough,
A second time is enough,
And the third is not necessary.
Keep in mind that there are things worth fighting for.
But there are also things worth letting go.
The only things you should keep are the LESSONS you've learned.
And the MEMORIES which made you happy.
Always remember there is always a bright side to everything.

o876. GIRL: Nagddrugs ka ba?
BOY: Why should I pollute my precious body with unnecessary drugs when my only desire is your smile to make me HIGH.

o877. There's nothing wrong in making mistakes.
What's wrong is letting it stay as a mistake without the effort of making it right.

o878. Always remember that God only makes happy endings.
If it's not happy,
Then it is not yet the end.
Live by love and hope.
There's always something to look forward to.

o879. "If you have a chance to seize a moment that you know will be memorable, GRAB IT!
Always think that NEXT TIME may never come."

o880. Never be tired of doing little things for others,
Sometimes those little things are the big things which are treasured and kept in their hearts.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


o861. "Ang tao, aminado naman yan sa mga kasalanan nila,
Pero kung lalo mo pang ipapamukha sa kanila na mali sila,
Lalo mo lamang silang binibigyan ng dahilan para iwanan ka.."

o862. The hardest type of a guy to love is the one who never learns to control,
His sweetness to other girls.

o863. Just when you thought you're not happy anymore,
Always remember that maybe,
Just maybe..
Someone is happy enough to have you around..

o864. I don't like to commit myself to heaven and hell,
You see, I have friends in both places.

o865. Sabi ng isang payat sa akin,
"Bakit ang taba mo?"
Sabi ko,
"Syempre, para pag wala na tayong makain,
Ikaw mamamatay na,
Ako, papayat palang.."

o866. BOY: Sana assignment ka nalang..
GIRL: Bakit naman?
BOY: So, I can take you home..

"If you have tried a lot of times and failed,
The only thing that can make it worse is when you give up."

o868. Dati ang lovers, nilalanggam dahil sobrang sweet,
Ngayon, dinadaga na sila.
Dahil sa sobrang cheeeeeeessssyyy!

o869. "Every bad situation will have something positive.
Even a dead clock shoes correct time twice a day."
Stay positive!

o870. INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over,
And expecting different results.
--Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


o851. No matter how bitter a coffee gets..
One bite of a sweet cookie changes everything.
Thanks for being a sweet cookie friend in a bitter coffee world.

o852. Don't procrastinate, because in only two days,
Tomorrow will be yesterday.

o853. Reyna ka ba ng apoy?
Ang hot mo kasi, eh!
Sige, i-feel mo lang..

o854. What a nice feeling to be in love..
With God.
No pain.
No heartache.
No disappointment.
Just blessings of joy.

o855. "You can not hold onto something that needs to go,
You just got to love them while you have them.
And that's it."

o856. Before you can be happy with someone else,
You should own your happiness first.
Nothing is more attractive than someone who radiates contentment from within.

o857. Ngats, bhe!
--Ngongo, bumibili ng GATSBY WAX

o858. "Sometimes, something real is something you can not see."

o859. A single lie discovered is enough to create a contagious doubt over every other truth expressed.

o860. "Bakit ka magtitiis sa taong alam mong sakit lang sa ulo mo?
Wag mong ikulong ang sarili mo sa hawlang ginto pero sira ang kandado.
Sino bang may sabing madaling makahanap ng kapalit?
Kahit ibon, marunong maghanap ng bagong pugad, tao pa kaya?"
--Bob Ong

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


o841. Why was Snow White given an apple with poison?
To show that not all people that are kind to you are really kind.
They might have some other agenda against you.
Looks can be deceiving.
Why did Cinderella run away when the clock turned 12midnight?
To remind us that everything has its limitations, even dreams.
Why did Ariel decide to exchange her fins with feet?
To show that anyone will try to lose anything just to be happy.

o842. We are tested by major changes, delayed promises, impossible problems, unanswered prayers, undeserved criticisms and even senseless tragedies.
But the good news in that God wants us to pass the tests of life.
So He never allows the tests we face to be greater than the grace He gives us.

o843. Missing someone gets easier everyday 'coz even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other,
It's one day closer to the time you will.

o844. -POCHERO-
1. Maggisa ka ng bawang at sibuyas.
2. Ilagay ang baboy at tubig.
3. Pag malambot na, ilagay ang pechay, fried kamote o patatas, bitsuelas, saging at idagdag ang pork and beans na nasa lata.
4. Lagyan ng asin at paminta ayon sa iyong panlasa.
Para maiba naman.
Di puro love at friend quotes.

o845. "Don't try to understand everything because sometimes it is not meant to understand but rather to accept."

o846. When you're up,
Your friends know who you are.
When you're down,
You know who your friends are.

o847. God is watching nearby to give us his grace
And send us His love.
Whatever our problem,
Whatever our pain.
God's there to support us and protect us always.

o848. Sometimes, you just have to put a period on something that has to end,
And not just settle on a comma..
'Coz time will come,
You'll realize that it's nicer to see a complete sentence,
Rather than seeing a phrase that doesn't make any sense.

o849. "If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more.
If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough."

o850. Hey, mag-impake ka na.
Punta tayo sa home for the aged.
Kasi I want to grow old with you, eh!
Sobrang cheesy!

Monday, February 22, 2010


o831. The fish said:
"I can't see my tears 'coz I'm in the water."
The water said:
"I can feel your tears 'coz you're in my heart."
'Di ko rin ma-gets kung panong nakapagsalita ung isda..
At in fairness, sumagot pa ung tubig!

o832. God has a perfect plan for our lives
But He never reveals it to us all at once..
Just step by step because He wants to teach us to walk by faith not by sight..

o833. Those who appear in your life - whether to help or harm - are all given by God.
Meet all of them with a peaceful heart, but with a warrior's spirit.
You will fail many times, but in failing, you will learn..
And in learning, you will find your way..
Remember, there are no mistakes in life - only lessons.
And lessons will keep on repeating themselves until learned.

o834. Having so much pain in the past has made me doubtful when it comes to love.
They made me feel so special but in the end, they left me hanging.
That's why I keep on asking,
"Do love really last?"

o835. You have just been loaded by God's unlimited faithfulness.
This will expire on eternity.
Reload through prayer and worship.
Enjoy His texts through the Bible.

o836. Life is like a changing seasons.
One day, you will awaken to a world more wonderful than you can imagine.
Until then, you will know that whatever season you are in right now
Is the best season of your entire life.
There's nothing wrong with looking back at the previous seasons of our lives.
But God has a purpose for allowing us to be in the season we're in right now.
So enjoy where you're at on the way to where you're going.

o837. Si kamatis at ampalaya nag-uusap,
AMPALAYA: Ang kinis mo naman. Sabagay, kukulubot ka rin.
KAMATIS: Bitter ka lang.

o838. Define TANGA:
Taong nagmamahal sa taong di siya mahal ng buo at naghihintay sa pagbabagong mangyayari.
Define GAGO:
Taong walang pakialam sa taong tanga.

o839. BELLA: Edward, ano bang hinahanap mo dyan sa basurahan?
EDWARD: Ung napkin mo, pagtyatyagaan ko na to!

o840. You really have to stumble and fall a lot of times for you to appreciate the luscious taste of happiness.
It's like a ratio of ten pains to one real smile.

Friday, February 19, 2010


o821. NANAY: Walang mangyayari sa'yo kung puro ka jowa.
ANAK: Weh? Di nga? Bakit may nangyari samin kagabi?

o822. Anong tawag sa kuto na nasa ibabaw ng ulo ng isang kalbo?
Smile your most besutiful smile and stay healthy!

o823. Alam mo ba pinagkaiba ng MAHAL mo sa taong GUSTO mo?
Pag tumingin ka sa mata ng gusto mo, namumula ka.
Pero pag sa mata ng mahal mo, napapangiti ka..
Sa harap ng gusto mo, nahihiya ka.
Pero sa harap ng mahal mo, nagpapakatotoo ka.
Di ka makatingin ng diretso sa gusto mo.
Pero sa mahal mo, nakikipagtitigan ka pa..
Pag umiyak ang mahal mo, umiiyak ka
Pero yung taong gusto mo, pinapatahan mo.

o824. Sometimes, not everything you want is given to you like the ideal person you wanna be with..
It may not turn out the way you expect it to be..
At the end, you'll see that what you have is better than what you wanted.

o825. Rapunzel..
Snow White..
Sleeping Beauty..
All these women lived happily ever after..
Until they discovered they're all married to the same man..
Yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, eh.
Pari sa fairy tales, laganap ang pambababae.

o826. Bandaids are like smiles..
They can cover up the pain..
But deep down inside, it hurts.

o827. "Don't try to understand everything..
Because sometimes it is not meant to understand,
But rather to accept.."

o828. God will never leave you EMPTY..
He will replace everything you've lost..
If He asks you to put something DOWN,
It's because He wants you to pick up something GREATER..

o829. "Never hate the times you failed,
These are the times you show the world that failures don't define you,
But they make you even stronger.."

o830. We can be happy anytime once we understand that the only place we'll ever find genuine happiness is right inside us.
Happiness begins at the point of acceptance:
The point when we stop questioning why life can't be perfect and just accept the world the way it is..