Wednesday, August 5, 2009


o571. "If you have a chance to take the moment that you know will be memorable,
Grab it.
Always think that the word NEXT TIME is always too far.."

o572. Life is a walk of faith to God
- Full of pressures yet fulfilling
- Full of tests yet rewarding, and
- Full of trials yet strengthening

o573. "There are a lot of people who call you by your name..
But there is only one person who can make it sound so special."

o574. "Hindi ko ikamamatay ang pagtitig nya sa iba..
Yung tinititigan nya ang mapapatay ko.."

o575. "'Di dahil mukha siyang seryoso sa sinabi nya,
Eh, totoo na..
Kaya nga may konsepto ng panloloko..
Pinaniniwala ka sa bagay na 'di talaga totoo."

o576. A woman has two choices in life:
a. Not to get married and look for a husband everyday
b. To get married and look for her husband everynight.

o577. Pain of missing friends isn't their absence
But it's when you think of the good times you have shared
And you ask yourself,
"Will those moments ever happen again.."

o578. "Landiin ka man ng kung sinu-sino,
Kung alam mong iba ang mahal mo,
Hindi ka tatablan..
Parang speech ng promo girl sa grocery.
Alam mong hindi ka bibili ng produkto nya,
Pero pinapakinggan mo.
Kawawa naman kasi."
-- Bob Ong

o579. You should never assume that somebody loves you by only seeing their sweetness.
Sometimes, we should believe in the fact that some people are just..

o580. I took some chocolates from the fridge,
Some fell on the floor then broke into pieces,
It made me think..
"Even the sweetest things in life could break too.."

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