Wednesday, March 16, 2011


1001. "Mahirap din pala yung parang kayo pero hindi kayo.
Kasi kahit level three na pwede pa ring ma-game over.
Ang M.U. kasi, hindi lang pala MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING,
--Bob Ong

1002. One day, I was standing on the street when a girl came to me and said,
"Bili ka po ng payong."
Nagtaka ako kasi di naman maaraw at di rin naman maulan,
Then I asked,
The girl said,
"Inuulan ka kasi ng kagandahan, eh!"
Oh, come on! Give me a tolda!

1003. What did one butt cheek say to the other butt cheek?
"If we stik together, we can stop this shit."
That's what friends do.

1004. It takes a thousand sweet efforts to build a a great relationship,
Yet one stupid error can destroy everything you have started.

1005. Share a little love whenever you can.
Do a little favor to someone.
If possible, never refuse simple requests.
A little kindness is never forgotten.
It always has a special place of appreciation even to the hardest of hearts.
Imagine how much warmth and tenderness it would add to everyone's heart,
If everyone would care to share.

1006. Ang pag-ibig ay parang imburnal, nakakatakot mahulog.
At kapag nahulog ka,
It's either by accident or talagang tanga ka.
--Bob Ong

1007. Tagalog quotes:
"Kapag bilugan ang mukha mo,
Wag kang masyadong ngingiti,
Baka mapagkamalan kang YAHOO MESSENGER."

1008. Ang manhid na tao ay maihahalintulad sa bato,
Hindi nga nasasaktan pero nakakasakit naman.

1009. Don't love someone who's already in love with another one.
Cause if you do,
It's like buying a gun to shoot yourself,
Loaded with unlimited bullets.

1010. No matter how we try to be mature,
We will always be a kid when we get hurt and cry.


o991. GIRL: Pangit ba ako?
BOY: Walang ginawang pangit ang Diyos.
Pero iba ata ang gumawa sa'yo.

o992. As this day begins,
I pray to the Lord that His power will be your courage,
His promises will be your comfort,
And His presence will be your confidence.

o993. Let's begin the day with a short prayer:
LORD, walk with me today.
I've no idea what lies ahead.
Be my guide and strength in all I do for your glory.

o994. Just when we thought we're already matured,
Unexpected events would occur to make us realize we still have lots of growing up to do.

o995. For every dream in our heart, let God be our inspiration.
For every hope we seek, let God be our guide.
In everything we do, let God be within us.

o996. BOY: Oi, crush kita!
GIRL: Aw. Crush din kaya kita, dati pa. Buti umamin ka na.
BOY: May gusto akong sabihin, three words sya.
GIRL: AW. (I love you siguro.)
BOY: Joke, joke, joke!
GIRL: Tang ina mo!

o997. "It's never nice when you forget things you're supposed to remember.
But it feels worse when you remember things you're supposed to forget."

o998. Q: Anong tawag sa pusong sumusugod?
A: Heart Attack
Q: Sa pusong magnanakaw?
A: Heart Rob
Q: Sa pusong mapaglaro?
A: Pusoy
Q: Eh, sa pusong two-timer?
A: Pusoy Dos

o999. If you can't find the right words for a certain situation,
Just give that person a hug.
Words have the potential to confuse,
But hugs never lie.

1000. The sign of being a mature person is not how well you prepare for everything to be right.
But on how you stand up and move on after everything goes wrong.