Friday, August 14, 2009


o651. "As long as there are good friends who tap your back for all the cute and sweet concerns,
Failure will just be an ant bite."

o652. There's nothing wrong about being scared..
Sometimes, fear is the only thing that saves us from doing something foolish.

o653. Demonyo dumating sa park.
PARI: Hah! Sa kapangyarihan ko at paniniwala, umalis ka demonyo! Alis!
DEMONYO: Wow! Parang pag-aari ang park..

o654. Para kang drugs..
You're a growing addiction I can't deny myself of.

o655. "When love is your greatest weakness,
You will be the strongest person in the world."
-- Reader's Digest

o656. "Everyone gets to a point of a breakdown,
Only some people hide it better."

o657. Start thinking positively early in the day.
Smile, because when you put a smile on a happy face,
You'll immediately start feeling better inside.

o658. Buti pa ang patay, nagpaparamdam.
Ikaw na buhay, di mo man lang magawang magparamdam.
Patayin kaya kita para magparamdam ka?

o659. "FORGIVENESS does not make the other person right.
It sets you free."

o660. "Don't look for things or people that are not there.
Just be thankful for what you have.
Because the more you look for something not with you,
The more you find something wrong with what you have."

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