Sunday, July 26, 2009


o531. Friends are the major reasons
Why we continue going through life..
That's why a life without friends
Is like a hand without fingers..
It's pointless.

o532. I asked God,
"How do I get the best out of life?"
God answered,
"Face our past without regret,
Handle your present with confidence,
Prepare the future without fear.."
Then He added,
"keep the faith and drop the fear.
Don't believe you doubts
And never doubt your beliefs.
Life is wonderful,
If you know how to live."

o533. I asked God,
"Why did you have to create pain and hurt?
Why not all laughter and cheers?
Why do we have to cry?
Why aren't smiles painted in our faces?"
God got my hand and said,
"My child, when you're happy, you forget me..
Sometimes, I let you experience pain for you to recognize me..
Remember, through pain,
I'm making you a fighter..
The more yo cry, the more you're hurt,
The stronger you become.."
I smiled, then God added..
"Always remember that whatever happens,
It happens for a purpose.
I always give rainbow after the rain.."

o534. "Minsan kailangang magpanggap na patay na..
Para hindi na muling masaktan pa.."

o535. To : YOU
From: GOD
Date: Tonight
Subject: Yourself
Reference: Life
This is God.
Tonight, I will be handling ALL of your problems for you.
I do not need your help so sleep well.
I love you.
And remember, if life happens to deliver a situation that you can not handle,
Do not attempt to resolve it yourself!
Kindly put it in the SFGTD (Something for God to do) box.
I will get to it in my time.
All situations will be resolved, but in my time.
Not yours.
So once the matter is placed in the box,
Do not hold onto it by worrying about it.
Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.
Should you decide to send this your friends, thank you.
You may have touched their lives in ways you'll never know.

o536. Simple thought:
"Problems are common to all..
But attitude makes the difference."

o537. Few relationships in earth never die..
Want to know what it is?
Read again with their first letters only.
Nice right?

o538. Friends but not lovers,
Lovers but not committed,
Committed but not official,
That's what you call,
"It's complicated."

o539. Wife: Palayasin mo na yang driver natin.
Limang beses na akong muntik masagasaan.
Husband: Huwag muna, honey.
Bigyan pa natin ng isang pagkakataon.

o540. To hear God's voice,
You must turn down the world's volume.


o521. JUAN: Badtrip, pare! Nanood ako ng sine kanina. Ubos P1000.00 ko!
PEDRO: Ha?! Bakit?!
JUAN: Bili ako ng bili ng ticket, tangna! Pinupunit kasi nung babae sa pinto. Parang tanga!
Haha. Sino kayang tanga?

o522. A girl with some friends went to a club to drink.
When they arrived, the girl read a sign..
"18 below are not allowed"
The girl said,
"Guys, 'wag na tayo tumuloy.
Sasampu tayo, eh."
-- Talino ni ate!

o523. A little faith will bring your soul to heaven;
A lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul.

o524. A good life is when you assume nothing,
Do more,
Need less,
Smile often,
Dream big,
Laugh a lot,
And realize how blessed you are for what you have.

o525. "I never regret loving a stupid person in the past..
At least he was lucky enough to experience the love I had for him..
Too bad, he wasted it."

o526. When does being happy become scary?
When your happiness could mean a heartbreak for somebody else..
--Barrack Obama

o527. "If anyone tries to pull you down,
It means you're on top of them.
INSECURITY reigns in the ugly heart of an empty brain."

o528. Most of the things we desire are expensive
But the truth is that the things that really satisfy us are free..
Laughter, family, true friends and most of all:
God's LOVE.

o529. The first person who's on your mind the moment you open your eyes after a long sleep is the reason either of your happiness or pain.
--Believe it or not..

o530. Somebody asked me once,
"How do you hold love?"
I answered,
"With my hands wide open,
With my heart ready to let go
And let the other grow.."
And that somebody asked,
"What if it hurts you?"
I smiled and said,
"Then it means I'm doing it right.."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


o511. Life's hardest lessons are also the most precious.
They compel you to face your own weaknesses and fears.
And bring out hidden strengths you never knew you had.

o512. Life is an undying cycle.
It is a battle of survival.
If you quit, then you're a loser.
If you fall, then stand up.
If you keep on complaining about the miseries of life,
Nothing will happen.
God doesn't throw stones that we can not catch.
Live with Him and everything will turn out right.

RICH KID: Sometimes if you work hard enough,
You can get what you want.
But most times,
What you want and what you get are two different things.
Sometimes God breaks our spirit to save our soul.
Sometimes He breaks our heart to make us whole.
Although we can't have everything we want,
We can appreciate what we already have.
POOR KID: Yan na nga.
Para hinihiram lang PSP mo, eh!
Dami mo pang sinasabi!

o514. GF: San tayo pupunta?
BF: Punta tayo run sa madilim! Trust me!
GF: Ok!
Pagdating sa madilim.
GF: Bakit ka naghuhubo?
BF: 'Wag kang maingay.
GF: Maghuhubo na rin ba ako?
BF: Bakit? Tatae ka rin ba?

o515. We may fall in love fast
But sometimes it wouldn't last.
We may flirt and take off our shirt
But then it wasn't worth the dirt.
We may have flings even when we already have rings
And still end up with the one who give life its true meanings.
People are everywhere but true love is rare.

o516. "Happiness is never something you get from people.
The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you are able to give."

o517. Actually, we are contented with what we have.
Not until we COMPARE.

o518. Two priests went to Boracay for a vacation.
They wore trunks so they can fit in.
While sun bathing,
A very sexy girl in a T-back bikini walked by and said,
"Hi, Fathers!"
They were amazed.
The next day, they changed outfits
And the same girl greeted them again.
The priests asked,
"How did you know we are priests?"
The girl replied,
"Hello?! Father, it's me. Sister Agnes po!"

o519. Always keep your optimism..
After all,
No one has ever damaged his eyesight by looking at the brighter side of life.

o520. 'Wag mag-alala sa GF/BF mo na hindi nagtetext.
Natural lang yan..
Sa nagloloko.

Monday, July 20, 2009


o501. A short story
GF: Break na tayo!
BF: Sige! Gutom na rin ako, eh.
'Yan ang tinatawag na misunderstanding..

o502. Faith is not about getting permission to do what is easy,
It's about gaining the courage to do what's difficult.
It's not about staying in your comfort zone,
It's about going where GOD leads.
It's not about believing what people say about GOD.
It's simply believing what GOD says.

o503. "Forget what ifs..
Because the more you ask yourself with these,
The more you're making yourself feel that you made the wrong choice."

o504. Certain things may catch your eyes..
But pursue only those that capture your heart.

o505. "A man decides using his mind.
And a boy decides using his heart."
-- He Got Game

o506. "Don't wait for the moment of regret
To realize that everything you want and dreamed of
Has left you for all the wrong reasons."

o507. "Someone can make you feel that you are so special,
But you'll never know if it's their habit to make everybody feel that way."

o508. LOLO: Laro tayo!
LOLA: Ano?
LOLO: Kahit ano, 'wag lang taguan..
LOLA: Bakit naman?
LOLO: Because a girl like you is impossible to find..
Ayun, o.. Si LOLO..

o509. Things happen with valid reasons..
If you doubt why something happens to you,
Stick to this:
"We can never learn to be strong if the only thing in this world is joy."
In short,
Welcome bullshits once in a while.

o510. Once you lose someone,
It is never exactly the same person who comes back..
Ang hirap kapag wala na..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


o491. Sa bilibid:
WARDEN: Sa araw na ito, lahat kayo ay magkakaroon ng bagong brief!
PRESO: Yeheey! Ang bait mo naman, warden.
WARDEN: Ok. Exchange briefs.

o492. Pwede ba MCDO nalang ang itawag ko sayo?
Masyado kasing obvious pag sinabi kong "Love ko 'to".

o493. A fish would never be happy living on land
'Coz it was made for water.
A bird would fall after flying
'Coz it belongs to the land.
And you will never feel completely satisfied on earth
'Coz you were made for heaven.

o494. Mabilisang Usapan
BOY: May gagawin ka bukas?
GIRL: Wala, bakit?
BOY: Pakasal tayo?

o495. People must try to be sensitive of other's feelings,
'Coz not everyone is strong enough to endure pain..
After all, there's no anaesthesia for a broken heart.

o496. In your journey to life,
The word of God is your map
And his wisdom is your compass,
And when you face battles,
Let love be your armor.
And let God be your shelter.

o497. "Kung ang lahat ng ginagawa nya ay binibigyan mo ng kahulugan..
Malapit ka nang maging DICTIONARY.."

o498. Sometimes,
All it takes is
Anohter chnace
Anothre cahnec
Aonther chacne
To get things right.

o499. Angelina: Yaya, o. May dugo sa daliri ko!
Yaya: Ay, wawa naman Angelena ko. Lika sipsipin ko ang dugo. O, ayan wala nang dugo. Saan ka ba nasugatan?
Angeline: Wala. Who told you that nasugatan me? I tiris the garapata ni Bantay. Yuck, yaya! You make sipsip the dugo ng garapata.
You're such a loser!

o500. It's a wonder how love strikes you at the most unexpected time.
And somehow,
In some way,
It disappears exactly at the moment you are ready to face it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


o481. Moods of a woman:
An angel of truth and a dream of fiction.
She's afraid of a wasp,
Will scream at a mouse;
But will tackle a stranger in the house.
Sour as vinegar.
Sweet as a rose;
She'll kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose.
She'll win you in rage,
Enchant you in silk;
She'll be stronger than brandy,
Milder than milk.
At times, she'll be vengeful, merry and sad;
She'll hate you like poison
And love you like mad.
Moods of a man:
Yun lang..

o482. It's overused.
It's a cliche.
It's corny.
It's just a line.
It's illogical.
It's troublesome.
It's always too abrupt.
It's never on cue.
It's difficult to say.
It'll be held against you.
It's too bold.
It's often quite pathetic.
It's amazing how after everything,
"ILOVEYOU" still works.

o483. Lord, enlighten what is dark in me.
Strengthen what is weak in me.
Mend what is broken in me.
Bind what is bruised in me.
Heal what is sick in me.
Straighten what is crooked in me.
And revive whatever peace and love have died in me.
In Jesus name, AMEN.

o484. God is always at work with you.
That's why you always have to be confident in everything you do.
He is not just beside or behind you.
But He is in you.

o485. God is always by our side.
To catch us if we fall,
To encourage our dreams,
Inspire our happiness,
Hold our hand,
And help us through it all..

o486. God didn't give us mind
To doubt;
To fear;
To grieve..
He gave us the power
To believe;
To hope;
To love..
For He wants us to see life the way He made it.

o487. Life is not about dreams,
It's about the choices you make.
It's sad,
It's hard
But for some, it's true.
Believe me, it's true.
I can attest to that.
I'm ready for another day.

o488. Don't settle for someone who buys you coffee.
Go for someone who makes you one.

o489. Pwede kang magmahal kahit na ilang ulit.
Pero ang tunay na pagmamahal,
Minsan lang.
Kaya piliin mong mabuti yung taong mamahalin mo
Yung taong kaya kang samahan hanggang sa
Di pa ko tapos, eh.
Excited ka!

o490. Don't play love with the person who can play better.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


o471. BADONG: Uwi na ko! At gusto ko nang hubarin ang panty ni misis.
JUANCHO: Hot na hot ka na ba, pare?
BADONG: Hindi. Masyado kasing masikip sakin, eh.

o472. "Friendship" is one of the best things to keep
'Cause somewhere in the middle,
New friends may come,
But I hope you will still keep me in your heart.
Even if,
Someone better comes..

o473. Why was alcohol created?
So ugly people would have a chance to have sex with the hotties.
Choose your drinking buddies.

o474. 'Wag kang matakot na hindi na maaayos ang lahat ng gulo sa buhay mo..
Malay mo,
Ginulo lang talaga 'yun para umayos ka..

o475. Lahat ng tao, liar.
Lahat ng tao, plastik.
Lahat ng tao, manloloko.
Pero ikaw hindi.
Kasi hindi ka tao.
For me, you're an angel.
Napangiti siya.
May pangil naman.

o476. It's like a routine..
I like him on Monday.
Fall for him on Tuesday to Thursday.
Turned off on Friday.
I think I'm over him on weekends.
But when I see him next Monday morning,
I fall for him all over again..

o477. We get hurt only by people who occupy a big part of our heart.
The more it hurts,
The more important the person is..
But don't get flattered.
Don't hurt people just to know how important you are.
People get tired.
Immunity is not always for pain.
Sometimes, it's for the emptiness.

o478. Always tell someone how you feel.
Mean what you say..
And say what you mean...
Even when it's hard..
'Coz opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye
But regrets can last a lifetime..

o479. Sometimes best things in life arise at the wrong time
And the only options left are:
Grab it now
Or never have it again..

o480. A person tired and down 'coz of life's trials and hardhips asked God,
"Why are there so many hills and mountains to climb in life?"
God answered,
"For you to have a better view."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


o461. I don't believe that LAUGHING has always been the best medicine..
I know that sometimes,
A cry can cure what a laugh can't..

o462. I think,
The best time to say that you already found the right one,
Is when you stop looking for more..

o463. Sooner or later,
Start taking yourself seriously.
Know when you need a break.
Know what to get worked up about and what to get rid off.
Do something that makes you stronger and more complete.
Because it is never too late to change one.

o464. "No matter how good a friend is,
They're going to hurt you once in a while.
And you must forgive them for that."

o465. Why can't we love two persons at the same time?
It is the same reason as to why we can't wear two different shoes at the same time..
Posible pero..
Pangit tignan.

o466. "Often times, people tend not to say what they feel..
Not because they don't know if it's real..
But because they're too afraid that the response might kill.."

o467. An astronomer's proof that God exists:
"I always look at the 8 planets and see every movement of it.
I realize all of them are moving..
But one thing really amazes me..
The earth never changes it's course - not even a bit..
Even one degree.
You know why?
If the earth gets one degree closer to the sun, it will burn..
And one degree apart, it will freeze..
So, I realized, there's someone holding it.
Someone called GOD."

o468. Unfaithfulness starts when,
You learn to look for the 10% missing part of your partner
And taking for granted the remaining wonderful 90%..

o469. It hurts when people say you're wrong,
When in fact,
They would definitely do the same if they were in your place.

o470. You are wise when you know the limits of your wisdom.
And you are alive when tomorrow's hopes mean more to you than yesterday's mistakes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


o451. There are things in life that never last,
But the truth is,
You never lose them until you let them go..
Life is about choices
Hanging on, holding back, letting go..
But some things do last..
If you just let them
And if they let you..

o452. SMILE
You don't own all the problems in the world..
Some of them are mine..

o453. Feeling ko talaga, magaling ka sa puzzle..
Kasi simula palang ng araw ko,
Nabuo mo na agad..

o454. There are two rules to remember when asking questions:
First: Do not ask questions if you're not prepared to hear the answer.
Second: Do not ask questions if you refuse to believe the answer..

o455. Friendship isn't ranked by:
Whom we have known the longest..
Who came first..
Or who cares the best..
It's about who came
And never left.

o456. Isang malupit na banat ng isang batang tamad sa kanyang mapag-utos na ina:
"Umayos ka, 'Nay..
And Diyos nga, sampu lang ang utos,
Ikaw ang dami na!
Gusto mo rin ipako, ha?"

o457. "When we look back and wonder how we ever made it through,
We realize,
It's not because we've been clever,
But because God has been wise;
Not because we've been strong,
But because God has been mighty;
Not because we've been consistent,
But because God has been faithful.."

o458. I can't fix your life,
I can't solve all your problems,
I can't stop every tear from falling,
But there's one thing I can do..
I can stay next to you till time allows me to.

o459. Happiness is not a destination.
It's a journey.
Pure and simple.

o460. "How can you believe if in the middle of 'BELIEVE' is the word 'LIE'?"
Just a funny thought.
Makes sense?

Monday, July 6, 2009


o441. GIRL: Itay, nagbold po ako sa magasin. Nasa page 10 ako.
ITAY: Kinakahiya kita! Sa palagay mo ba, may mas nakakahiya pa sa ginawa mo?!
GIRL: Meron po, tay! Si inay nasa page 16.

"Treat everyone with LOVE,
Even those who are rude to you,
Not because they are nice,
But because, you are nice."

o443. A bear, a lion and a pig were talking who's most feared.
BEAR: I roar, forest trembles.
LION: I roar, jungle shakes.
PIG: I cough and whole world panics.

o444. "Pano mo masasabing special ka sa isang tao kung ang bawat ginagawa nya sa'yo ay ginagawa nya sa iba."
-- Bob Ong

o445. "I learned that I don't need to hold on too long to what's never meant for me..
Sometimes, I need to set things free,
Even if it hurts me more badly.."

o446. "Pa'no mo makikita yung taong para sa'yo kung ayaw mo namang tantanan 'yung taong pinipilit mong maging para sa'yo."
-- Bob Ong

o447. "In order for you to move on,
You must understand what you felt,
Why you felt it
And why you should no longer feel it. "

o448. JUAN: Lintik na sabon to! Ayaw bumula!
PEDRO: Pano bubula yan?! Hindi naman basa ang katawan mo!
JUAN: Syempre! For dry skin to. Basahin mo kasi label!

o449. Never a weakness that He can't fill.
Never a sickness that He can't heal.
Never a sorrow that He doesn't share.
Never a prayer that He can't hear.

o450. Find someone,
Who isn't afraid to admit that they miss you..
Who knows that you're not perfect,
But treats you as if you are..
Whose biggest fear is losing you..
Who says I love you,
And means it..
Someone who would one day wake up with you in the morning
To see you with wrinkles and gray hair,
And still falls in love with you all over again.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


o431. No one is born happy
But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness.
So today,
Make others happy.
Flash your smile.

o432. LOLO: Gino, paabot nga ng kape ko.
APO: Gina po.
LOLO: Gino, paabot ng kutsara.
APO:Lo, Gina po.
LOLO: Taena ka, Gino! Tigil-tigilan mo yan kabaklaan mo.

Do not value the things in your life,
But value who you have in life.

a. "Ate, pabili nga po ng colgate, 'yung close up."
-- Adik sa toothpaste?!
b. "Sarado mo pinto, lalabas ang aircon."
-- Sosyal, may paa!
c. "Yaya, salubungin mo ang school bus ni Junior."
-- Tama yan! Pasagasaan mo.
d. "Anak, tumabi ka sa sasakyan, ha."
-- Patayin din si Junior.
e. "Tinuka ako ng ahas."
-- Manok ba ito at may tuka?
f. "May tonsil ako."
-- Kami rin.
g. "May candy ako, ayaw mo?"
-- Offer ba yan?
h. "Tulog ka na?"
-- Malaman mo pa kaya kung oo?
i. "Lowbatt ako, eh."
-- Debaterya ka na rin?

o435. At 12 hour 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 7th of August this year (2009)
The time and date will be
12:34:56 07/08/09
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
This will never happen in your life again.
Be the first to tell them.

o436. "Itutuwid ko ang landas mo,
Para sa'kin ka didiretso."
Yan ang banat!

o437. "I don't want to go somewhere
If I know you are not there,
Because my heart needs to be right next to where you are.."

o438. Nice logic:
Do you know why so many marriages don't last?
Because at the wedding,
The bride doesn't marry the
Come to think of it.

o439. Sabi ng teacher ko,
Kailangan ko raw uli mag-aral ng alphabet
Kasi everytime I recite it,
I always miss "you"

o440. Did you know that when you walk at night,
There's a 30% chance your body will be heavier
Because some spirits ride at your back.
-- Time Magazine

Thursday, July 2, 2009


o421. A good apology has three parts:
a. I'm sorry
b. It was my fault
c. How do I make it right?
A lot of people usually miss the third part.

o422. They say I'm a murderer
But I really don't mean to do it
They said looks could kill
'Di ko naman talaga sinasadya na
"Ngiti ko palang, pamatay na"

o423. One day, I was standing on the street
Then a boy came to me and said
"Ate, bili ka na po ng payong.."
Nagtaka ako kasi di naman maaraw..
Di rin naman maulan..
Then I asked, "Bakit?"
The boy said,
"Inuulan ka kasi ng kagandahan, eh."
Oh, come on..
Give me a tolda..

o424. To fall in love is very easy
Staying in love is a challenge
Letting go is the hardest part
And moving on is a damn suicide..

o425. Love is somehow making choices
It's either choosing pain for others' happiness,
Or happiness for others' pain..

o426. College life..
Ang pinakamahirap at napaka-B.I. na tanong:
"'Tol, papasok ka?"
Ang mapanuksong sagot:
The best na sagot:
"Ewan ko nga, eh.."
Which results to:
"Tara, 'wag na tayong pumasok.."

o427. "It's true that people can move on..
You can never change the fact that only amnesia and death can erase memories.."

o428. Sa party, nilapitan ng gwapong lalaki ang panget na babae..
L: Gusto mo bang sumayaw?
Tuwang-tuwa ang babae na tumayo..
L: Buti naman.. Paupo ako..

o429. The world's happiest friends never have the same characters..
They just have the best understanding of their differences..

o430. The more we think of the future,
The more we forget the present..
Always keep in mind that..
"No matter where we're going,
It starts from where we are.."