Thursday, July 2, 2009


o421. A good apology has three parts:
a. I'm sorry
b. It was my fault
c. How do I make it right?
A lot of people usually miss the third part.

o422. They say I'm a murderer
But I really don't mean to do it
They said looks could kill
'Di ko naman talaga sinasadya na
"Ngiti ko palang, pamatay na"

o423. One day, I was standing on the street
Then a boy came to me and said
"Ate, bili ka na po ng payong.."
Nagtaka ako kasi di naman maaraw..
Di rin naman maulan..
Then I asked, "Bakit?"
The boy said,
"Inuulan ka kasi ng kagandahan, eh."
Oh, come on..
Give me a tolda..

o424. To fall in love is very easy
Staying in love is a challenge
Letting go is the hardest part
And moving on is a damn suicide..

o425. Love is somehow making choices
It's either choosing pain for others' happiness,
Or happiness for others' pain..

o426. College life..
Ang pinakamahirap at napaka-B.I. na tanong:
"'Tol, papasok ka?"
Ang mapanuksong sagot:
The best na sagot:
"Ewan ko nga, eh.."
Which results to:
"Tara, 'wag na tayong pumasok.."

o427. "It's true that people can move on..
You can never change the fact that only amnesia and death can erase memories.."

o428. Sa party, nilapitan ng gwapong lalaki ang panget na babae..
L: Gusto mo bang sumayaw?
Tuwang-tuwa ang babae na tumayo..
L: Buti naman.. Paupo ako..

o429. The world's happiest friends never have the same characters..
They just have the best understanding of their differences..

o430. The more we think of the future,
The more we forget the present..
Always keep in mind that..
"No matter where we're going,
It starts from where we are.."

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