Sunday, July 26, 2009


o521. JUAN: Badtrip, pare! Nanood ako ng sine kanina. Ubos P1000.00 ko!
PEDRO: Ha?! Bakit?!
JUAN: Bili ako ng bili ng ticket, tangna! Pinupunit kasi nung babae sa pinto. Parang tanga!
Haha. Sino kayang tanga?

o522. A girl with some friends went to a club to drink.
When they arrived, the girl read a sign..
"18 below are not allowed"
The girl said,
"Guys, 'wag na tayo tumuloy.
Sasampu tayo, eh."
-- Talino ni ate!

o523. A little faith will bring your soul to heaven;
A lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul.

o524. A good life is when you assume nothing,
Do more,
Need less,
Smile often,
Dream big,
Laugh a lot,
And realize how blessed you are for what you have.

o525. "I never regret loving a stupid person in the past..
At least he was lucky enough to experience the love I had for him..
Too bad, he wasted it."

o526. When does being happy become scary?
When your happiness could mean a heartbreak for somebody else..
--Barrack Obama

o527. "If anyone tries to pull you down,
It means you're on top of them.
INSECURITY reigns in the ugly heart of an empty brain."

o528. Most of the things we desire are expensive
But the truth is that the things that really satisfy us are free..
Laughter, family, true friends and most of all:
God's LOVE.

o529. The first person who's on your mind the moment you open your eyes after a long sleep is the reason either of your happiness or pain.
--Believe it or not..

o530. Somebody asked me once,
"How do you hold love?"
I answered,
"With my hands wide open,
With my heart ready to let go
And let the other grow.."
And that somebody asked,
"What if it hurts you?"
I smiled and said,
"Then it means I'm doing it right.."

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