Tuesday, July 7, 2009


o451. There are things in life that never last,
But the truth is,
You never lose them until you let them go..
Life is about choices
Hanging on, holding back, letting go..
But some things do last..
If you just let them
And if they let you..

o452. SMILE
You don't own all the problems in the world..
Some of them are mine..

o453. Feeling ko talaga, magaling ka sa puzzle..
Kasi simula palang ng araw ko,
Nabuo mo na agad..

o454. There are two rules to remember when asking questions:
First: Do not ask questions if you're not prepared to hear the answer.
Second: Do not ask questions if you refuse to believe the answer..

o455. Friendship isn't ranked by:
Whom we have known the longest..
Who came first..
Or who cares the best..
It's about who came
And never left.

o456. Isang malupit na banat ng isang batang tamad sa kanyang mapag-utos na ina:
"Umayos ka, 'Nay..
And Diyos nga, sampu lang ang utos,
Ikaw ang dami na!
Gusto mo rin ipako, ha?"

o457. "When we look back and wonder how we ever made it through,
We realize,
It's not because we've been clever,
But because God has been wise;
Not because we've been strong,
But because God has been mighty;
Not because we've been consistent,
But because God has been faithful.."

o458. I can't fix your life,
I can't solve all your problems,
I can't stop every tear from falling,
But there's one thing I can do..
I can stay next to you till time allows me to.

o459. Happiness is not a destination.
It's a journey.
Pure and simple.

o460. "How can you believe if in the middle of 'BELIEVE' is the word 'LIE'?"
Just a funny thought.
Makes sense?

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