Wednesday, July 15, 2009


o491. Sa bilibid:
WARDEN: Sa araw na ito, lahat kayo ay magkakaroon ng bagong brief!
PRESO: Yeheey! Ang bait mo naman, warden.
WARDEN: Ok. Exchange briefs.

o492. Pwede ba MCDO nalang ang itawag ko sayo?
Masyado kasing obvious pag sinabi kong "Love ko 'to".

o493. A fish would never be happy living on land
'Coz it was made for water.
A bird would fall after flying
'Coz it belongs to the land.
And you will never feel completely satisfied on earth
'Coz you were made for heaven.

o494. Mabilisang Usapan
BOY: May gagawin ka bukas?
GIRL: Wala, bakit?
BOY: Pakasal tayo?

o495. People must try to be sensitive of other's feelings,
'Coz not everyone is strong enough to endure pain..
After all, there's no anaesthesia for a broken heart.

o496. In your journey to life,
The word of God is your map
And his wisdom is your compass,
And when you face battles,
Let love be your armor.
And let God be your shelter.

o497. "Kung ang lahat ng ginagawa nya ay binibigyan mo ng kahulugan..
Malapit ka nang maging DICTIONARY.."

o498. Sometimes,
All it takes is
Anohter chnace
Anothre cahnec
Aonther chacne
To get things right.

o499. Angelina: Yaya, o. May dugo sa daliri ko!
Yaya: Ay, wawa naman Angelena ko. Lika sipsipin ko ang dugo. O, ayan wala nang dugo. Saan ka ba nasugatan?
Angeline: Wala. Who told you that nasugatan me? I tiris the garapata ni Bantay. Yuck, yaya! You make sipsip the dugo ng garapata.
You're such a loser!

o500. It's a wonder how love strikes you at the most unexpected time.
And somehow,
In some way,
It disappears exactly at the moment you are ready to face it.

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