Tuesday, June 30, 2009


o411. Healing of the mind happens by letting go of bad memories;
Healing of the heart through forgiveness;
And healing of the soul through prayers.

o412. 'Wag kang matakot na baka magkamali
Walang mapapala kung 'di ka magbabakasakali
Dahil lumilipas ang oras
Baka ka maiwanan kung hindi mo susubukan..
-- Parokya ni Edgar

o413. Naranasan mo na bang magalit sa mahal mo?
'Yung sobrang galit na galit ka na?
Tapos yayakap siya sa'yo..
Maiinis ka sa sarili mo,
Kasi yakap palang nya,
Napatawad mo na siya..

o414. "If people can't let go of you,
It doesn't mean they love you,
Sometimes they can't let you go because...
They know you are always there when they need you.."

o415. What's the worst question someone could ever ask you?
"Akala ko ba may something kayo?"
Then you'd look down, smile and answer..
"Akala ko rin, eh."

o416. They say if love becomes painful
It's time to let that love go
And save yourself..
But just keep this in mind..
"If love is true,
Pain is never a reason to let go.."

o417. "The true friends are not like the one you like and wished for..
It's the one that stands in the background and catches you when you fall..
The person who once got mad at you..
But decided to stay with you.."

o418. Loving someone does not need a reason.
If you can explain why you love someone,
It's not called LOVE..
It's called LIKE..
Make a lesson..

o419. I asked a guy about what his lover did that made him so in love..
Eagerly he replied,
"She hugs me everytime we meet,
Asks me if I'm ok.
Send me text messages saying iloveyou.."
Then he asked me too.
"How about you?"
I smiled and answered,
"My lover went up the cross nailed,
Wore a crown of thorns
And died for me.."
Then he said,
"Oh, too bad..
You must have missed your lover so much."
I smiled again and said,
"Ahm.. No..
Because from the moment I knew what He did,
He never left my heart."

o420. Bakit mo mamahalin ang isang taong may iba namang mahal?
Para magulo ang relasyon nila..
Kung miserable ka,
Dapat sila rin..

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