Sunday, July 12, 2009


o471. BADONG: Uwi na ko! At gusto ko nang hubarin ang panty ni misis.
JUANCHO: Hot na hot ka na ba, pare?
BADONG: Hindi. Masyado kasing masikip sakin, eh.

o472. "Friendship" is one of the best things to keep
'Cause somewhere in the middle,
New friends may come,
But I hope you will still keep me in your heart.
Even if,
Someone better comes..

o473. Why was alcohol created?
So ugly people would have a chance to have sex with the hotties.
Choose your drinking buddies.

o474. 'Wag kang matakot na hindi na maaayos ang lahat ng gulo sa buhay mo..
Malay mo,
Ginulo lang talaga 'yun para umayos ka..

o475. Lahat ng tao, liar.
Lahat ng tao, plastik.
Lahat ng tao, manloloko.
Pero ikaw hindi.
Kasi hindi ka tao.
For me, you're an angel.
Napangiti siya.
May pangil naman.

o476. It's like a routine..
I like him on Monday.
Fall for him on Tuesday to Thursday.
Turned off on Friday.
I think I'm over him on weekends.
But when I see him next Monday morning,
I fall for him all over again..

o477. We get hurt only by people who occupy a big part of our heart.
The more it hurts,
The more important the person is..
But don't get flattered.
Don't hurt people just to know how important you are.
People get tired.
Immunity is not always for pain.
Sometimes, it's for the emptiness.

o478. Always tell someone how you feel.
Mean what you say..
And say what you mean...
Even when it's hard..
'Coz opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye
But regrets can last a lifetime..

o479. Sometimes best things in life arise at the wrong time
And the only options left are:
Grab it now
Or never have it again..

o480. A person tired and down 'coz of life's trials and hardhips asked God,
"Why are there so many hills and mountains to climb in life?"
God answered,
"For you to have a better view."

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