Monday, July 20, 2009


o501. A short story
GF: Break na tayo!
BF: Sige! Gutom na rin ako, eh.
'Yan ang tinatawag na misunderstanding..

o502. Faith is not about getting permission to do what is easy,
It's about gaining the courage to do what's difficult.
It's not about staying in your comfort zone,
It's about going where GOD leads.
It's not about believing what people say about GOD.
It's simply believing what GOD says.

o503. "Forget what ifs..
Because the more you ask yourself with these,
The more you're making yourself feel that you made the wrong choice."

o504. Certain things may catch your eyes..
But pursue only those that capture your heart.

o505. "A man decides using his mind.
And a boy decides using his heart."
-- He Got Game

o506. "Don't wait for the moment of regret
To realize that everything you want and dreamed of
Has left you for all the wrong reasons."

o507. "Someone can make you feel that you are so special,
But you'll never know if it's their habit to make everybody feel that way."

o508. LOLO: Laro tayo!
LOLA: Ano?
LOLO: Kahit ano, 'wag lang taguan..
LOLA: Bakit naman?
LOLO: Because a girl like you is impossible to find..
Ayun, o.. Si LOLO..

o509. Things happen with valid reasons..
If you doubt why something happens to you,
Stick to this:
"We can never learn to be strong if the only thing in this world is joy."
In short,
Welcome bullshits once in a while.

o510. Once you lose someone,
It is never exactly the same person who comes back..
Ang hirap kapag wala na..

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