Tuesday, March 30, 2010


o851. No matter how bitter a coffee gets..
One bite of a sweet cookie changes everything.
Thanks for being a sweet cookie friend in a bitter coffee world.

o852. Don't procrastinate, because in only two days,
Tomorrow will be yesterday.

o853. Reyna ka ba ng apoy?
Ang hot mo kasi, eh!
Sige, i-feel mo lang..

o854. What a nice feeling to be in love..
With God.
No pain.
No heartache.
No disappointment.
Just blessings of joy.

o855. "You can not hold onto something that needs to go,
You just got to love them while you have them.
And that's it."

o856. Before you can be happy with someone else,
You should own your happiness first.
Nothing is more attractive than someone who radiates contentment from within.

o857. Ngats, bhe!
--Ngongo, bumibili ng GATSBY WAX

o858. "Sometimes, something real is something you can not see."

o859. A single lie discovered is enough to create a contagious doubt over every other truth expressed.

o860. "Bakit ka magtitiis sa taong alam mong sakit lang sa ulo mo?
Wag mong ikulong ang sarili mo sa hawlang ginto pero sira ang kandado.
Sino bang may sabing madaling makahanap ng kapalit?
Kahit ibon, marunong maghanap ng bagong pugad, tao pa kaya?"
--Bob Ong

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