Monday, February 22, 2010


o831. The fish said:
"I can't see my tears 'coz I'm in the water."
The water said:
"I can feel your tears 'coz you're in my heart."
'Di ko rin ma-gets kung panong nakapagsalita ung isda..
At in fairness, sumagot pa ung tubig!

o832. God has a perfect plan for our lives
But He never reveals it to us all at once..
Just step by step because He wants to teach us to walk by faith not by sight..

o833. Those who appear in your life - whether to help or harm - are all given by God.
Meet all of them with a peaceful heart, but with a warrior's spirit.
You will fail many times, but in failing, you will learn..
And in learning, you will find your way..
Remember, there are no mistakes in life - only lessons.
And lessons will keep on repeating themselves until learned.

o834. Having so much pain in the past has made me doubtful when it comes to love.
They made me feel so special but in the end, they left me hanging.
That's why I keep on asking,
"Do love really last?"

o835. You have just been loaded by God's unlimited faithfulness.
This will expire on eternity.
Reload through prayer and worship.
Enjoy His texts through the Bible.

o836. Life is like a changing seasons.
One day, you will awaken to a world more wonderful than you can imagine.
Until then, you will know that whatever season you are in right now
Is the best season of your entire life.
There's nothing wrong with looking back at the previous seasons of our lives.
But God has a purpose for allowing us to be in the season we're in right now.
So enjoy where you're at on the way to where you're going.

o837. Si kamatis at ampalaya nag-uusap,
AMPALAYA: Ang kinis mo naman. Sabagay, kukulubot ka rin.
KAMATIS: Bitter ka lang.

o838. Define TANGA:
Taong nagmamahal sa taong di siya mahal ng buo at naghihintay sa pagbabagong mangyayari.
Define GAGO:
Taong walang pakialam sa taong tanga.

o839. BELLA: Edward, ano bang hinahanap mo dyan sa basurahan?
EDWARD: Ung napkin mo, pagtyatyagaan ko na to!

o840. You really have to stumble and fall a lot of times for you to appreciate the luscious taste of happiness.
It's like a ratio of ten pains to one real smile.

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