Monday, April 26, 2010


o881. Have you ever asked yourself why does everything in this world have to be complicated?
Why do we have to see lots of varieties and choices yet we only need one?
Why can't everything just be simple?
That's life.
Enjoy it!
It doesn't matter if you pick up the wrong one.
After all, how will you know which is right if you don't know which is wrong?


Saan nagtatago ang mga taong may pagkakasala at umiiwas sa imbestigasyon?
NOON: Sa simbahan.
NGAYON: Sa St. Luke’s Medical Center

MISIS: Hoy! Lasing ka na naman! Napakairesponsable mo! Lumalaklak ka na naman samantalang yung mga anak natin, wala nang makain!
MISTER: Anong wala? Ipinadala ko na nga yung pulutan sa bahay, eh!

o884. Happiness is a product of the mind, of attitude and thought.
It comes from you, not to you.
To be happy you must choose to be happy;
The Scriptures say, ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’
Stay happy!

o885. We’re all fighting a battle of some kind, but some are not winning!

Winners have one thing in common: a strong faith that refuses to quit.

o886.A gangster, a rapist, and a murderer are in the same car..

Who’s driving the car?
A police officer!

o887. Man prays to God:
Dear God give me hard times,
Give me pain,
Destroy my sleep at night,
Destroy my happy moments during the day,
Let loose a ghost behind my back,
Take away my happiness and comforts,
Make me bankrupt ..
And God interrupts:
"Why don’t you simply say you want a wife?"

We feel secure in our own home or community,
But when we are put into unfamiliar surroundings,
We can easily become frightened.
Faith is adapting yourself to the unfamiliar.
Faith says you’re adaptable!
This is the opportunity to grow.

In times of problems..
God gives us 3 things:
The problem,
The solution,
And the lesson.

o890. Kapag balisa ka remember God’s promises.
Kapag inis ka, control yourself.
Kapag may problema ka, pray.
At kapag wala kang pera, isipin mo ako.
Hindi ka nag-iisa!
Wala rin akong pera…

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