Monday, June 21, 2010


o941. A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of power, blessings..
A soul shall never be helpless with God's infinite grace..
Inhale God's love..

o942. "Aanhin pa ang gabi, kung wala ka namang katabi..
Eh, may nakarinig:
"Eh, anong silbi ng may katabi kung wala namang nangyayari.."
Aba, may humirit:
"Eh, ano naman kung may nangyayari, kung wala namang nabubuong baby?"
May affected na pogi:
"Pano may mabubuong baby kung parehas kayong lalaki?"
Ang pinakamatindi:
"Aanhin mo ang babae kung mukha namang lalaki?"

o943. When you keep the Lord in your heart,
There is nothing to fear about in your life.
Things will come as the Lord has planned..
So hold on, God is with you.

o944. May God who knows the goodness of your heart bless you abundantly,
Give you a healthier body
And grant even your deepest silent prayers.

o945. I was not aware that you came only to love me for a while,
I was aiming to be with you forever but while I was busy planning for us,
You were busy planning your life with another person.
It hurts too much but all I can do is watch you walk away and say:
"There goes my forever."

o946. Sana parang mataya-taya nalang ang pag-ibig
Para pag nataya mo na yung mahal mo,
Sya naman maghahabol sayo.

o947. Tears are one of the most meaningful liquid.
Wanna know why?
Coz out of many liquids here in the world,
Only tears can explain the real meaning of pain.

o948. Valuing a person is not merely seeing each other everyday,
What count most is that somehow in our busy lives,
We remember each other just by saying:

o949. A heart who seeks God early in the morning will find happiness, peace and security even in the midst of a stormy day.
Smile, it's gonna be a great day!

o950. To love someone doesn't mean to force a commitment,
Sometimes, you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have.
As long as it stays.

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