Sunday, June 21, 2009


o351. May mga taong walang pakialam..
May mga taong akala mo walang pakialam pero deep inside nag-aalala naman..
May mga tao namang sobra magpakita ng pag-aalala..
Ganyan talaga..
Iba-ibang tao..
Iba-ibang trip..
Ikaw ba, ano bang trip mo?

o352. "Kung mahal mo ang isang tao,
Hindi mo hahayaang lumipas ang araw na masama ang loob nya sa'yo."
--Oo nga naman.

o353. "Lucky are those who are single,
For they are saved from feeling the pain of being taken for granted."

o354. There are only three things I need in my life:
LOVE to make me weak.
BEER to make me strong.
And FRIENDS to pick me up when LOVE and BEER made me hit the floor.

o355. Angels fly not because of their wings,
But because they have no burdens in their hearts.
Lift everything to God
And you'll walk around like an angel.

o356. Life is an undying cycle.
It is a battle of survival.
If you quit, then you're a loser.
If you fall, then stand up.
If you keep on complaining about the miseries of life, nothing will happen.
God doesn't throw stones that we can't catch.
Live with Him and everything will turn out right.

o357. Sa mga habulin at pantasya,
Mga gwapo at magaganda,
Mga muse at escort,
Mga cute,
Mga crush ng bayan,
Ang inyong "PINUNO" ay matutulog na..

o358. GIRL: Aanhin mo yang hagdan?
BOY: Huh? Ahm. Aakyat sana ako sa'yo ng ligaw.
GIRL: Hindi na kailangan. Yumuko ka nalang.
BOY: B-Bakit?
GIRL: Pakipulot ung puso ko, nahulog na kasi sa'yo.

o359. High achievement comes from strong ambitions.
But the competitive struggle for success can lead to too high level of motivation.
Don't allow the success ideology to turn you into an anxious striver.

o360. Too much disappointment can weaken one's faith.
Too many lies can weaken one's trust.
Too much betrayals can cause a person to be afraid.
Too much abuse can destroy respect.
And the sad truth is..
Too much pain felt by a loving heart can cause it to freeze until it goes numb by the never ending pain
And it doesn't feel any love,

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