Tuesday, June 9, 2009


o291. The point of prayer is not always to get answers from God,
But to have a perfect and complete unity with Him.
So endure the day with prayers.

o292. Time is the most playful element.
Because it lengthens the minutes when you wait
And rushes the hours when you enjoy the moments.

o293. Always have a unique character like salt..
Its presence is not felt
But its absence make things tasteless.

o294. "The greatest value of having good friends is not what you get from them,
But the better person you become because of them."

o295. I admire those people who can stay calm despite too much pain
But I love those that cry for a while
But after the tears have fallen
You'll see a real fighter the moment they start again to smile.

o296. If you fall down, NO ONE will catch you,
If you're hurt, NO ONE will care for you,
'Coz NO ONE needs you
And NO ONE loves you..
Oh, by the way..
My name is NO ONE.

o297. "I could not write like Shakespeare,
Nor love with Romeo's heart,
But this I know,
I love you and I really do..
I dare not say I love you as lovers did long time ago..
Nor should I bother the moon and the stars.
For true love doesn't venture that far.
True love only knows,
'Coz when I say I love you,
Ask me why
Truly I dunno.."
-- Letter ni Dudung kay Inday

o298. Para makalimot ka sa taong mahal mo..
Dapat makahanap ka ng bagong mamahalin.
Hindi ng bagong lalandiin.

o299. Uy, san ka?
Pwede mo ba akong samahan?

o300. Your worst behavior is reserved for the person who loves you most.
Because somehow, no matter what you do,
That person will still and always accept you as you.

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