Thursday, June 4, 2009


o281. Why do we MISS a person?
It's either we realize that we never treasured the moments when they were always there,
And it left us wishing we could turn back time
Or we were too happy with them
We enjoyed every single moment,
That we became so used to the idea of having them around
But when we finally walk separate lives,
We realized that a moment spent without them is like dying stars which slowly leave the sky - EMPTY.

o282. Cinderella walked with one slipper alone.
Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass.
A princess once kissed a gross frog.
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast.
Pocahontas risked her life for a feast.
Jasmin could have had anyone but instead chose a poor man.
And Ariel walked for the first time on land.
All for love.
It is all about facing your biggest fears and not letting the moment pass you by.
Live your own fairy tale.
Create your own happy ending.

o283. Do not place your mistakes on your head,
It can weigh you down and crush you.
Instead, place them under your feet,
And use them as a platform to view your horizon.

o284. We look for love not because it's lonely to be watching movies alone
Sad to eat meals on your own
Or because it's nice to cuddle up with someone on rainy days
We look for love because we want to be accepted
For the sloppy ways we dress
For the clumsy way we eat our meals
For bad hair days and for the simplicity in us
Love is an act of acceptance
That with all our imperfections, we are still loved.

o285. Always be happy and always wear a smile not because life is full of reasons to smile
But because your smile is a reason for others to be happy.

o286. How great is our GOD?
Study shows that Swine flu virus (H1N1 - influenza A) is acquired through air
Ecologist says that the best way to clean air is by rain
Filipinos wonder, "Why rain in summer?"
Now you know.
Truly, God loves the Philippines.

o287. How GOD answer prayers?
We must be willing to let God answer in His own time.
God opens delays and makes us wait because He needs to prepare us,
To get ready for the blessings.
He wants to change us to get mature
God is never late
His timing is always perfect.
Jesus said: "What things so ever ye desire,
When ye pray, believe that ye shall receive them
And ye shall have them."
-- MARK 11:24

o288. Our minds gather the dirt and dust of human opinion everyday
But God's words are like waterfalls that wash and purify our hearts and minds.

o289. When GOD gives us "NO" for an answer,
Keep in mind that there's a much greater "YES" behind it.
His "NO" isn't a rejection
But a redirection.

o290. "Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state,
Being in love shows a person he should be."

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