Sunday, June 21, 2009


o331. Perfecting a relationship with a wrong person is like perfecting an exam you didn't study for..
You know your efforts won't be enough
But you'd still kill yourself trying..

o332. "The scary thing about having an insomnia is not the hours lost for sleeping..
It's actually the rerun of thoughts you've been trying to run away from.."

o333. Cute talk..
Jealous gf and her bf..
BOY: If you had one wish..
What would you wish for?
GIRL: I'd wish that all the beautiful girls will be moved to another planet.
BOY: Ooh.. Then I will miss you..

o334. GIRL: Ano na nga ba tayo 10 years from now?
BOY: Magkaibigan tayo ngayon, diba?
10 years, magkaapelyido na siguro tayo nun..

o335. The easiest way not to get hurt is not to care..
But I guess,
That's the hardest thing to do either.

o336. If your love broke your heart, don't be sad..
Just hug him and say,
"If you miss me, just watch over the stars.."
If he asks you why..
Simply reply,
"'Coz after you broke me up,
I'll just be a star for you..
You can always stare at me and dream for me..
But you can never get me once more.."

o337. Huwag mong papansinin ang sasabihin ng ibang tao..
Basta't gawin mo lang ang gusto mo,
Dahil gawin mo man ito o hindi,
Palaging may sasabihin ang mga tao..

o338. "'Wag kang titikim ng masarap..
Para hindi ka maghanap..
At huwag mo sasarapan yung pagtikim
Para hindi ka hanap-hanapin.."

o339. Why do people still push on doors that have "PULL"signs on them?
Maybe it's because pushing just requires us to straighten the arm by relaxing the bicep muscle,
Yet, pulling requires contraction of muscles force and builds up lactic acid, inducing fatigue.
That might be the reason why pushing someone away seems easier to do than pulling them back.

o340. Love when you're ready,
Not when you're lonely..

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