Thursday, April 23, 2009


oo71. "Things just happen,
Things that we may never understand.
But we just have to believe that it's for the best,
Even if it doesn't always seem that way."

oo72. EMO, PUNK at HIPHOP, naabutan ng ulan.
EMO: i love the rain 'coz nobody notices when I cry.
PUNK: ako rin! di halatang umiihi na ko sa pantalon! Yeah, rock and roll!
HIPHOP: Hey yow! Pwede mamaya na kayo magsaya? Help me, men! Ambigat ng damit ko!

oo73. If someone tells you, you're a snob,
Say this:
"I am not a snob, it's just that
You're not worth my attention."
O, diba? Ang taray!

oo74. Mistakes are destined to be done.
But to repeat it all over doesn't make sense at all.

oo75. I've learned that if you love people so much and you don't want to lose them,
Never show them the SO MUCH part.
Everybody takes advantage whenever it's available.

oo76. "Be grateful that you don't have everything you want,
That means,
You have the opportunity to be happier tomorrow than you are today."

oo77. Isang break up scene:
GF: Hiwalay na tayo!
BF: Akala mo ba makakahanap ka pa ng tulad ko?
GF: Bakit?! Akala mo maghahanap pa ako ng tulad mo?!

oo78. Mahirap labanan ang katamaran
Lalo na't tinatamad kang labanan ito.
Very inspiring, noh?

oo79. Engineering love story:
B: Do you know that my love for you is like the limit of a constant over a variable as the variable approaches zero?
G: Ano yun?
B: Infinity!
G: Ganun? Eh, alam mo bang ang love ko sa'yo ay parang limit of a function of x as x approaches a, if the function of x is equal to c. If x is greater than a and is equal to d. If x is less than or equal to a?
B: Ano naman yun?
G: Does not exist!
Haha. Tablado!

oo80. If you want someone,
Don't expect that person to just fly to you.
You should put a little effort and patience into winning that person.
If it doesn't work,
You just have to do it the hard way..
There are such words as:
Be creative!

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