Monday, April 20, 2009


oo11. Kung totoo ang "Darwin's theory of Evolution" na ang tao ay nagmula sa unggoy
Bakit may mga taong mukhang kabayo?
Baka another theory, no?

oo12. I may never be good enough for everybody
But I'll always be the best for someone who deserves me.

oo13. Sometimes you need a second chance because time wasn't ready for the first one.

oo14. I don't mind if he catches me staring at him
At least I know that he stares back.

oo15. He said, "I still love you."
She said, "You're too late."
I said, "So kailangan talaga sa harap ko nag-uusap?"

oo16. What is the meaning of a person's absence?
Is it a test on how long will you hang on?
Or is it the answer of somebody who doesn't want and need you anymore?

oo17. "Don't look for someone who's hiding, look for someone who's looking for you."

oo18. Instead of thinking about what you're missing, try thinking about what you have
that everyone else is missing.

oo19. I don't need someone perfect
I don't even need a wealthy one
I just need someone who can understand and who can be with me in times I'm under my unwanted attitude..

oo20. Sometimes all it takes is one special person to help us look inside ourselves and find a whole different person that we never knew existed.

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