Tuesday, April 28, 2009


o111. Love always sparks through the good times,
And it's up to you to make it last through the bed times
I mean, bad times pala.
Sorry, slang, eh!

o112. Nobody loves me,
Puro crush lang!
Akala nyo, ah!

o113. I could never choose what's best for you
Either could I say what you should do.
But remember that when the best things go wrong,
"I wish I could be there to make you strong."

o114. "Okay lang kahit nakakahilo,
Basta gusto ko, sa'yo lang iikot ang mundo ko."

o115. "Ang mga taong 'di photogenic at 'di magawang maging gwapo at maganda sa picture
Laging suggestion, WACKY tayo! Dali, WACKY tayo!"

o116. Behind a flirt image is the fact that they are more genuine, real and natural
than others who act like conservative ones.

o117. "When you realize how hard it is to change yourself,
You begin to understand what little chances we have of changing others."

o118. Two of the hardest tests in life:
The patience to wait for the right moment.
And the courage to accept whatever you encounter.

o119. If a person is SINGLE,
It doesn't mean that she/he knows nothing about love.
In fact, going SOLO is a lot wiser than being in a wrong relationship.

o120. There's nothing wrong in showing you care for someone
What's wrong is expecting him to do the same.

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