Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oo61. Life has many choices.
If you can't have all, have some at least.
If you can't be good, then don't be bad.
If you can't be totally happy, don't be completely sad.
Enjoy life as it never leads back.

oo62. Tanggap ko na,
Na hindi lahat ng gusto ko, nakukuha ko
Pero may isang bagay na proud ako,
"Hindi rin lahat ng nagkakagusto sa'kin,
Nakukuha ako."
-- tama!

oo63. "Sana ma-in love din si BOB ONG para malaman nyang hindi ganun kadaling gamitin ang COMMON SENSE kapag pag-ibig ang pinag-uusapan."

oo64. "It's the obsession on the feeling that you once had for a person that makes you wonder if you're still in love.
When in fact, it's been long gone."

oo65. "Other people's opinion of you doesn't have to be your reality.
Most people who follow the crowd, usually get lost in it."

oo66. "Kaya siguro namigay ng konsensya ang Diyos dahil alam nyang hindi sa lahat ng oras gumagana ang utak ng tao."

oo67. "It feels so good to have someone who knows how weak and stupid you are at times.
And yet still finds you amazing simply because he/she loves you."

oo68. "Do not push someone away from you,
'Coz if you do, he/she will look for someone who will pull himself/herself TOTALLY away from you."

oo69. Flirting is a habit.
For those who are single, it's their way of saying,
"I'm free."
But for those who are committed, it's their way of saying,
"I'm bored."

oo70. "You have to decide what's more important to you:
Keeping your pride and getting nothing,
Or taking a risk and maybe,
Just maybe,
Having everything."

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