Monday, April 27, 2009


oo91. Always have a unique character like salt
Its presence is not felt but its absence make things

oo92. Know why I love silence so much?
'Coz when it's quiet,
When I'm alone just like now
That's the moment when I realize
"Mabait din pala ako, wala lang nakakahalata."

oo93. "Heartbreaks is a pain in the ass,
It really is.
But no matter how painful it seems at the same time what you have to keep in mind is that it is a temporary condition;
That it will pass,
That things will get better and you will get better
And you will get over it.
The pace may vary,
But the end point is the same because time does heal all wounds - even big, deep, gaping slashes on your heart."

oo94. Life is filled with choices,
But if the choices to make were who to love and whom to give yourself to,
It becomes difficult.
Would you choose security or happiness?
Security doesn't guarantee happiness.
But happiness gives security because it gives you reason to stay.
It gives you reason to love.
And reason to smile.
Whatever the risks may be,
You know it's going to be worth it.

oo95. You should not be saying
"Past is past"
Especially when you know
Flashback exists.

oo96. Tears are the most meaningful liquid
Wanna know why?
'Coz out of many liquids here in the world,
Only tears can explain the real meaning of pain.

oo97. PASYENTE: Magkano magpafacelift?
DOC: Yung complete treatment, P145,000.
P: Ang mahal! Ano ba pinakamura para magmukha akong bata?
D: Eto, tsupon. P20 lang.

oo98. Do as instructed before scrolling down:
You were strolling at a community fair when suddenly you found two familiar faces.
One of them is wearing yellow and the other one is blue.
Now put in your mind two persons you know.
Then think which of them is the one wearing yellow and the one wearing blue.
The person in yellow is the one who make you feel sad
And the person in blue is the one who makes you happy.

oo99. "Feelings don't die because we keep on feeding them with memories,
That's why it is hard to move on."

o100. Go for the person who makes you smile with all your heart and soul.
The person whom you can't wait to talk to.
This is the person whom you're meant to be with maybe not forever
But for now, they're right for you.

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