Tuesday, April 21, 2009


oo51. In life, there is always that one special person
So special that no matter what they do to you,
You just can't let them go.

oo52. The most beautiful thing is to see the person you love smiling,
And even more beautiful,
Knowing that you are the reason behind it.

oo53. There's a hot guy in a resort who walks to a girl,
MAN: Marunong ka bang magswim?
GIRL: (Maangas) Bakit? Mukha ba akong SWIMMER?
MAN: Hindi. Mukha kang pusit!

oo54. "If there is one mistake in my whole lifetime that I can tolerate,
It is when I'm so kind even to those who are not deserving."

oo55. "Hindi tanga ang mga taong sobra kung magmahal,
Sadyang ginagawa lang silang tanga ng mga taong mahal nila."

oo56. "Forgiveness is a promise, not a feeling."
When you forgive other people,
You're making a promise not to use their past sin against them.

oo57. Bakit kailangan nya akong sabihan ng "Ingat ka"
Kung siya mismo, hindi naman ako talaga kayang ingatan?

oo58. So, love mo siya?
This is a psychological analysis.
Whoever comes into your mind first after reading the message is the one you love.

oo59. When you want something, you are willing to do anything just to have it.
But what happens when you already got what you want?
Are you still willing to do anything and everything for it?
Or the craving just stops?

oo60. They say that those relationships which were formed just right after a very short time of courting are untrue and not just.
You don't have to eat an entire cake just to know if it tastes good, right?

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