Monday, April 20, 2009


oo31. Isa sa pinakamasarap na pakiramdam sa mundo ay yung titingin ka palang sa mahal mo
Pero siya, nakatingin na sayo..
Yun yon, eh!

oo32. It's not always right to stay in pain when you know you've already had too much.
And it isn't always wrong to be happy when you know it's about time that you deserve to be.

oo33. "The superior man acts before he speaks;
And afterwards speaks according to his actions."
-- Confucius

oo34. "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-- Walt Disney

oo35. Thought peace
Thought peace is vey important in our lives
Coz without thought peace
Pano tayo makakapagthought brass?!

oo36. "Pag di ka mahal ng taong mahal mo, wag kang magreklamo.
Kasi may mga tao rin na di mo mahal pero mahal ka.
Kaya quits lang."
-- Bob Ong

oo37. Just a thought:
They say expecting is one way of hurting yourself.
But what if you have the reason to expect?
Expecting doesn't hurt you, assuming does.

oo38. Making the first move to patch things up shouldn't always come from the one who made the mistake,
It can come from the one who understands and knows.

oo39. One mistake I made in the past is that I gave "almost" the whole of me.
Good enough, it was just "almost"
Rest assured, I have at least a little left for myself
The only problem is,
The "little" that was left,
is more than enough to teach me not to give myself to anyone ever again.

oo40. Hindi ako salbahe.
Hindi ko lang ginagawa ang mga bagay na ginagawa ng mga mababait na tao.

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