Tuesday, May 19, 2009


o201. What every kiss means:
SMACK> I'm ready
FOREHEAD> Hope we're together forever
HAND> I adore you
LIPS> I love you
What gestures mean:
SLAP ON THE BUTT> That's mine
PLAYING WITH HAIR> Tell me you love me
HOLDING HANDS> We definitely love each other
ARMS AROUND THE WAIST> I love you too much to let go
LAUGHING WHILE KISSING> I'm completely comfortable with you
-- If you're thinking about someone while reading this
You're definitely in love with that someone!

o202. Find out what makes you happy and
Follow whatever your heart tells you
They may call you foolish
But at least you're a happy fool
Not a lonely empty wise person.

o203. I hate the feeling of missing people I've lost along the way
But yet I'm not hoping they'll return again
'Coz I know one day
I'll accept the fact that
Not all things are meant to be with me.

o204. What if you're not destined to be together?
What if you're meant for somebody else?
Will you just give up and let DESTINY rule your heart?
Or will you fight and let your HEART rule your destiny?

o205. I'd rather be with someone who's making my day so irritating
Than to be at peace all day long
And missing the person who irritates me.

o206. There is always someone better than you,
Someone more attractive than you,
Someone smarter than you,
Someone one step ahead of you,
But the one who is better than you may just be the loneliest person,
The one who is more attractive than you may not be so attractive on the inside
And the person smarter than you may not have the love you receive from others
So never ever be the jealous one,
Love what you have
And love who you are.

o207. "Things just happen,
Things that we may never understand.
But we just have to believe that it's for the best,
Even if it doesn't always seem that way."

o208. Contentment is not fulfillment of what you wish for,
But appreciation of what you have.

o209. "Make at least one person happy each day
Even if it is yourself."

o210. You don't always need a kiss to make you feel special.
Don't always need to hold someone's hand to make you feel wanted.
Don't always need a hug to make you feel desired.
And you don't always need a partner in order to be happy.
You're already good on your own,
Having someone is just an added BONUS.

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