Monday, May 11, 2009


-- a pure word deafness wherein the word is clearly heard but seems unfamiliar or not easily understood like a foreign language.
Parang ganito:
B: Mahal kita..
G: Ha?

o162. "Kung maraming dapat gawin pero wala kang ginagawa,
Mas madalas na hindi katamaran ang dahilan nun..
May iniisip ka.."
-- Bob Ong

o163. "Don't deny yourself of the things you want because a thing that is denied becomes strongly desired.""

o164. "While I'm busy looking up the balloon,
I've realized that there's an ice cream melting on my hand."
Makes sense?
Don't take things for granted.

o165. I don't have the capability to paint the skies blue when the dark clouds sets in..
But I do have an umbrella we can share in case those raindrops fall..

o166. "Of all the hardships a person had to face,
Nothing was more punishing than the simple act of WAITING.."

o167. A relationship doesn't need any promises, terms or conditions..
It just needs two wonderful people..
"One who can trust"
And "One who can understand"

o168. "Sometimes, there are reasons why we don't want to talk about stuff.
One, if it means nothing..
Two, if it means everything.."

o169. Life doesn't force us to be the best..
It only asks us to try..

o170. "Love always sparks through the good times,
And it's up to you to make it last through the bad times.."

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