Sunday, May 17, 2009


o191. Ang mga ants kapag lumalakad sa wall
Kahit busy sila, nakukuha pa rin nila magbatian.
Sana maging tulad tayo ng mga ants, no?
'Yung nakakalakad sa wall.

o192. Closeness of friendship doesn't need every minute conversation
As long as you find time to smile
Remembering crazy moments together
It's the closest thing ever!

o193. It's ok to look back at the trash you've thrown away,
But never pick it up again.
It's unsterile!

o194. The best part of being in love is just love a person
And be happy about it
Even if that person can never be yours.
Even if you know that it can't last forever.
That's the essence of love.
It's not about winning someone.
It's not about owning a relationship.
It's just about being happy 'coz you know you've love someone.
It's about being guiltless 'coz you know you didn't take away someone from anybody.
You just loved and loved unselfishly.

o195. "It takes a thousand brains to explain what love is..
But only two hearts to know.."

o196. You will never know what you're good at until you try.
When it doesn't work,
Call it an experiment
Never a failure.

o197. BOY: Matalino ka, diba?
Bat di mo ko kayang sagutin?
GIRL: Kasi nga matalino ako at alam kong 'di ikaw ang sagot!

o198. A bitter dose of reality:
It takes a thousand sweet efforts to build a good relationship.
Yet one fatal error can destroy everything you have started.

o199. We get hurt the moment we start to care
And they will only start to care when they realize that we got hurt.

o200. A girl listed ten reasons why I should avoid him and not be with him anymore.
1. He's clumsy
2. He laughs and talks so loud.
3. He's acting like a little child
4. He may kill me in shame everytime I'm with him
5. He acts like crazy even he's not drunk
6. He's moody most of the time
7. He's so unpredictable
8. He's bossy
9. He's such a nagger
10. He's not even my boyfriend
i LOVE him.

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