Sunday, May 17, 2009


o181. NOTE:
Ang pag-ibig ay hindi hinihintay.
Hindi hinahanap..
At mas lalong hindi kusang dumarating..
Ito pala dapat ay inaagaw..

o182. Who would you choose?
Someone faithful, who's willing to shed pails of tears for you?
Or someone hot, who's willing to fulfill you sexual fantasies anytime, anywhere?
Uy, nalito!

o183. A wasted moment can make you regret so bad..
A single mistake can change your whole life..
From then, you'll see how the little things you ignore meant everything when they're gone..

o184. "Hardest lessons and problems in life are also the most precious ones
'Coz they force us to face our weaknesses and fears,
But above all, they unleash hidden strengths we never knew we had."

o185. Go for someone who is not only proud to have you
But will also take every risk just to be with you..

o186. "Huwag kang mainlove sa taong masarap lang kausap..
Dapat masarap din siya.."

o187. BOY: Kapag tayo na, magkasama nating haharapin ang mga problema..
GIRL: Pero wala naman akong problema..
BOY: Eh, kasi hindi pa tayo. Excited ka naman.

o188. "Kung talagang para sa'yo ang isang tao.
Sa'yong-sa'yo na!
Saksak mo sa baga mo!
Kadamutan nito!
'Wag kang dadaan sa'min, ah!"

o189. "There are times that it is better to let things happen,
Rather than insisting on how you want them to be done."

o190. Be strong:
Never tell yourself, "I am tired."
The more you accept that thought,
The more exhausted you'll become.
But if you tell yourself, "I can do even more"
You'll find that there are no limits in what you can accomplish.
For GOD never gets tired of guiding you all the time.

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