Tuesday, September 22, 2009


o741. Bobo nanliligaw,
"Hindi naman totoo yung sinasabi nila na bobo ako..
May laman din naman ang utak ko..
At ikaw lang ang laman nito.."

o742. If you have a chance to take the moment that you know will be memorable,
Grab it.
Always think that the word NEXT TIME is always too far.
Every moment counts.

o743. May kandila ka ba dyan?
Ipantitirik ko lang sana sa puso kong patay na patay sa'yo..
Ayun ang hirit, o!

o744. LOLA: Apo, sabihin mo sa lolo, pahilot si lola at antok na antok na.
APO: Yoyo, paiyot yoya, antot na antot na.
LOLO: Sabihin mo, wala ako sa mood. Tulog na.
APO: Yoya, waya tamod yoyo. Tuyot na..

o745. ANAK: Tay, urine test ko raw bukas.
ITAY: O, anong problema?
ANAK: Anong gagawin ko?
ITAY: Tanga ka ba? Eh, di magreview ka.

o746. Two rabbits looking at the moon:
R1: How far is the moon from here?
R2: It's very, very far, you can't measure the distance.
R1: Wow, really?
R2: Yes, really.
R2: Why do you ask?
R1: Nothing, I love you.
R2: I know.
R1: I love you from here to the moon.
R2: I love you more.
R1: You can't love me more. From here to the moon is countless.
R2: Yes, I can. Because I love from here to the moon and then back.
--Sobrang cheesy.

o747. Everything that God allows to come our way is with a purpose.
He uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into a person of worth and value.
I would not dare question God why I suffer pain and anguish
Because I never question Him when I am fortunate and I feel happiness in my success.
Blessings do come as a surprise
And how much we receive depends on how much our hearts can believe.

o748. A nerd ask his hot and sexy classmate to have sex with him.
NERD: Sex tayo! Bayaran kita one thousand, bibilisan ko.
Tatapon ko yung one thousand sa sahig.
Tuwad ka habang pinupulot mo.
Pagtayo mo, tapos na ko isex ka.
SEXY: Tawagan ko muna BF ko kung payag siya.
(Tinawagan nya.)
BF: Sige, payag ako. Bilisan mo lang pagtuwad para walang mangyari.
(After 10minutes, BF calls.)
BF: Nakuha mo na pera?
SEXY: Aaah.. Aaahha.. Aah, hindi pa, eh. Ah. Ah!
BF: Eh, bakit?
SEXY: Tigpipiso, eh.

o749. "It is wiser not to expect,
But to hope.
For in expecting, we meet disappointments,
Whereas in hoping,
We invite surprises."

o750. "I guess, one thing I've learned in life is to never invest too much emotion on one thing.
'Coz if you do,
You would end up hurting yourself."

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