Tuesday, September 8, 2009


o731. You will always see what's wrong when you are right.
But you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong.

o732. Everyone has a dream.
Mine is to wake up to the sound of small rocks being thrown at my bedroom window
And see the person I love standing in the rain asking me for another chance.
Joke lang!
Ang dream ko lang talaga ay magkapera,
Maraming-maraming pera,
Na pwede kong gawing scratch paper.

o733. "It's hard to open your eyes if your dreams are too sweet.
But sometimes, it's a must to wake up because it's the only reasonable way to see reality."

o734. Dalawang adik.
Adik1: Kanina pa nakadapo yang lamok, bakit di mo patayin?
Adik2: Hinihintay kong mabusog para pag hahabulin ko siya,
Magkakaappendicitis siya.

o735. There are times that you don't know what to do
Or where to place yourself.
That's why sometimes in life,
You have no option but to keep quiet.

o736. I'm not looking for someone who has everything.
I don't want someone with money to buy me anything.
But I need someone who has time to spent with me more than anything.

If you want to grow, COMMIT.
Outside commitment, there is no growth.

o738. Quoted from a political science professor:
Take for example the statement,
"I love you forever".
This is false, for forever is not empirically quantifiable.
The appropriate statement is,
"I love you today. Ask me again tomorrow if I still do."

o739. "Never ignore a person who loves you and misses you.
Because one day you may wake up from your sleep
And realize that you've lost the moon while counting the stars."

o740. The most selfish line that I heard but the sweetest thing that everyone loves to hear from their loved ones,
"Akin ka lang, ha?"

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