Wednesday, September 2, 2009


o721. Some say they like your personality;
Others say your character;
A few say your style;
But me..
I like you just the way you are.
Someone not perfect but real..

o722. God gave the silence of the night for us to give rest and to be prepared for another tomorrow.
So, sleep well and feel God's embrace as you sleep tonight.

o723. It is not true that beer makes you fat.
It actually makes you lean..
Lean on walls, lean on doors and lean on to the person you like..

o724. A real friend is someone who tries to pick you up when you've fallen;
And if they can't pick you up,
They lay down right beside you..

o725. I tried to be the sweetest girl for him..
Unfortunately, diabetic pala siya..
Kaya ayun, naghahanap ata ng WALANG LASA..

o726. "I want a director who can make a simple thing the big thing."
--Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

o727. Life is wonderful when you wake up in the morning with joy
Because the Holy Spirit is in your heart.
May the Great Father give you His abundant graces
And keep you always in good health.

o728. In love, who is the hardest to compete with?
Third party?
But the love before you..

o729. Why is it so hard to say you're wrong?
Because it often involves saying,
"I'm sorry."
Which is even harder.
Throughout history,
People have found it easier to stop speaking to one another,
Punch, slander, shoot and bomb
Rather than apologize.

o730. "I would rather die a meaningful death,
Than to live a meaningless life."
--Corazon Aquino

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